Mar 27, 2014

In the Spotlight with Honor James!

Born in the mid-seventies Honor has always had a love for the written word. Whether she is reading a book from another author or writing a story of her own, she is always letting her mind expand and delve into possibilities. It all started off as scribbles for her, then a phase of poetry before she found her true calling in the erotic paranormal genre where her imagination is only limit.

Since beginning her journey as a published author in 2011 Honor says she has learned a great deal about herself and writing. She believes that it’s a never-ending journey, the mind always wanting to learn and to grow. With that comes a better skill and smoothness to her writing she’s discovered and begun to enjoy more with each story she creates.

Thankfully, as she puts it, she has a job that gives her plenty of opportunity to write whatever comes to mind with very few interruptions. Her biggest supporters are, as always, her family. Her two children and her husband are continuously providing her with laughter and joy, making the time she takes to write a little bit easier. Without them and their support she knows she wouldn't be half the author she is today.

Patty’s Homecoming
Montana Wranglers 1

Patricia Graymont knew Blake and Corbin all her life. They practically grew up on her daddy’s ranch after all. She had loved them for just as long. However, stubborn and unable to see what was right before her she ran off for New York City in the hopes of being able to fall out of love with the two men, too bad she fell into trouble instead. 

For ten years Blake and Corbin waited for their Tishia to come home to them. Blake served time in the Military while Corbin worked the Ranch and received degrees. Both men knew that one day they would make Patricia Graymount theirs. They just didn’t realize what would bring her home. 
Running home after being nearly beaten to death by a Mafia Boss’s crew because she dared to ‘turn him down’ she came back to the only place she had ever felt safe. But there they were. Like a kick in the gut it nearly killed her to see them, and know she would love them forever. 

They didn’t let her dangle for long though. Blake and Corbin both ensured she knew that they were there for her and would always be there for her. They both began to show her the life that they could all have, together. 
Just as their love began to really take hold, trouble struck like lightening and had Blake and Corbin running to find her before she was stolen from them forever. 

Happily ever after, that’s what the trio wanted and needed… a Happily Ever After for them, and a continuation of their families happiness into the next generations. If they can just get there in time



Buried amongst the rolling hills and valleys of Montana lies the small town of Mission. Settled south of Great Falls, just north of the Lewis & Clark National Forest, this town of 800 plus souls live life off the land and a small, but profitable tourist trade.

Thirty miles due west is the Graymont ranch. Where, as his ancestors before him, Daniel Graymont carries on the tradition of nearly one hundred and sixty years and raises cattle and thoroughbred horses. The life isn’t for everyone, hot summers of hard work and frigid winters that rival even Siberia take their toll. Only the most hardy of souls dared to settle and remain in the rugged terrain. But, like his ancestors, Daniel is determined to uphold tradition.

* * * * *

May 12, 2013

The sound of a door slamming was closely followed by loud curses of a creative, if inaccurate, nature. Lifting his head up from the books he’d been semi-diligently going over Daniel peeked out the window. What he saw was one of his hands, half dressed, arguing with Constantine, his housekeeper.
Rolling his chair closer to the window he cracked it open. He didn’t need to, the whole house had air conditioning. Nope, he was being a nosy old man and cracked it to eavesdrop. Not that he was old. He was only sixty and still going strong. He’d had a great life, an even better to his beloved wife Charlotte, God rest her soul. She’d given him thirty-five years of marriage, love and the best sex of his life. She’d also given him every single one of his grey hairs, two sons and a daughter.

Connor worked the farm and, one day, would take over for him. Brendan was a lawyer in Great falls and handled all the legal matters for the farm, not that there were a lot, but it was a business. And his baby, Patricia, was in New York working for a interior designer and, one day God willing, would go out on her own. In the meantime she was living life, enjoying her career and called him every weekend to chat a mile a minute. Just like her mama used to do whenever she was excited, or pissed off. Chuckling he shook his head, that girl could talk the ear off of anyone and try the patience of even the Pope himself.

“I’ve told you a dozen times Constantine and, I’m sorry I have to apparently declare it to the whole damned world, but I’m not interested.” Blake, the half dressed hand said in a loud tone. Daniel’s attention was dragged back to the goings on outside the window.

“That’s not what Trevor said,” the woman shrieked. “Do you think I would be there if you hadn’t apparently been pining for me?”

“Pining!” Daniel winced. He hadn’t known that Blake’s voice could go that high, or that loud. “Woman, I have never nor will I ever pine for a woman. Especially you Constantine Delgado. You are a busybody and way too much maintenance. And if I ever, ever catch you trying to jump me while I’m in my rack sleeping again I will personally kick your ass out of Montana one step at a time.”

The woman shrieked at the top of her lungs, pure frustration there Daniel thought. His next thought was he would be needing a new housekeeper. 

And he was spot on with that assessment, especially given her next words. “Don’t fucking bother you degenerate! I quit!” she screamed. With that volume Daniel was pretty sure all of Montana knew she’d just quit.

“Good!” Blake sneered right back at her. “I pity the next fool that dares to take you on. I only pray that he’s got a wife that puts you in your fucking place.”

Another shriek and Constantine was storming towards the house. Eyes going wide Daniel shut the window and rolled his chair back into place just in time for the front door to smack the siding. Wincing he turned his attention to the books as she went to her room. More banging, door slamming and a lot of swearing.

One of the problems with having a single woman on the farm, the men tended to forget about her sex when they were working and let loose with some creative language. Not that he normally minded. The only time he enforced it with the hands was when Patricia came home to visit. Course, most of the lads thought of her as a baby sister, so that helped keep the cursing to a minimum. Not that he was fool enough to believe his baby girl couldn’t out swear them all, she could. He was just in denial and would remain so until the day he left his farm and went to meet up with his Charlotte in the hereafter.

His head came up as he realized that silence reigned in the house all of a sudden. Oops, thought it too soon. A door slammed and angry steps stomped towards his office. Pasting on a bland expression he looked up. 

“Constantine, uh, are you going somewhere?” he asked. Okay, an Academy Award was not in his future but she was too pissed off to notice.

“I’m sorry mister Graymont, I can’t work here any longer. I quit,” she said, slamming her suitcase to the floor.

“I’m sorry to hear that Constantine. May I ask why?” He tipped his head and hoped he looked confused and slightly curious.

“It’s got nothing to do with you sir. It’s,” she waved a hand viciously if vaguely about. “It’s them! Those no good, vile, men!” she hissed.

Fighting a chuckle he nodded slowly. “Well, I’m sad to see you go Constantine. But you have to do whatever is right for you dear.” He grabbed his checkbook and wrote her out a check for her last pay plus a little extra. Passing it to her he sighed, “If you need references you have them call me. You did great work while you were here and I’m going to make sure they know that.”

She folded the check, stuffed it into her purse and hefted her suitcase. 

“Thank you mister Graymont. I am sorry to leave you in the lurch like this.”

“Don’t even worry about it. We’ll make do,” he waved her off. “Drive safe now and if you need anything, let me know.”

A stiff nod was his only answer as she spun away. The door slammed behind her and he turned to watch her march to her car. The finger she threw towards the bunkhouse was telling, immature, but very telling. So was the spinning tires and gravel kicked up behind her as she tore up the drive towards the main road.

“Wow, that girl is mad,” he muttered reaching for the phone. Hitting a number on speed dial he grinned when his buddy at the Mission Post picked up. “Morty, how’s it going? Good, good. Nah, usual shit and lots of it given what I’ve got out in the north forty. Listen, I need you to run my ad for a housekeeper. Yup, she thought she’d get into one of the lads pants and he told her otherwise. I know, damn women are just too pushy. A little subtlety goes a hell of a lot further. Yup, sounds good. I’ll drop the check off tomorrow when I’m in getting supplies. What? Yeah,” he chuckled. “We can grab a beer. Let’s say around four if that works for you. Sounds good, see you then Mort.”

Behind the Scenes

Thinking back on your first book, is there anything you would have done differently?

There are things that I would have done differently. I would have approached it more as I am this new series, introducing a few people at a time instead of trying to put a great deal of information into a book at once to build a world. I guess I’m saying I would have built the world more slowly. J

Has your perspective on the writing process changed since you became published?

Oh heaven’s yes. I’ve learned a great deal in the time that I’ve been writing. Important things.

Do you work best on a deadline, or do you need freedom from time constraints?

I do not do well with deadlines at all. I seem to get twitchy and freeze up, unable to write which is really bad.

Is there a word or phrase you catch yourself overusing?


How do you know you’ve written a good book?

I never know until a fan tells me that they loved it. If even one person loved the book and wants more, to me it’s a success. I love my fans. J

How do you keep your characters and stories organized?

Honestly this is one of the things that I’ve learned along the way. A great friend of mine, Lori King, introduced me to a character spreadsheet and since then its been my pal.

Are you a Swooper (write first, edit later,) a Basher (edit each sentence as you go,) or both?

Total Swooper

What is the one thing you must have to be able to write? Music. Must have music, and alone time.

No distractions from the family.

Did you have any bad habits when you began writing?

I would write and “head-hop” a lot. I wrote from POV to POV paragraph to paragraph. I wrote the story like it was in my mind, his POV, hers and so on. Horrid.

How did you correct those habits?

I don’t know if they are fully corrected but I have had some amazing advice from some people that’s helped me a great deal. Thankfully.

What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written?

I’m always working on something new. I am working on Book 2 of the Montana Wranglers as well as the next books in the Beyond The Veil series and puttering on “Sleeping Beau” (my version of Sleeping Beauty)

Do you have any rituals, habits, or superstitions about your writing?

I always write in Google Documents / Drive because I’m terrified I would loose something if I didn’t have it in there.

What types of scenes are your favorite to write?

The “Coming to terms” scenes where the love is realized and reciprocated.

When and where can readers look forward to seeing you this year?

I’m going to try to get to Dittercon, but don’t hold me to that. J

Do you feel there is anything the market is oversaturated with right now?

There are tons of amazing books out there. Do I think its oversaturated? No. I think that we, as readers, have a chance to dive in and get just about anything we want.

How do you feel about the term “Mommy Porn”?

Heavens I hate that term. I consider it to be escapism. Pure and simple.

Do you prefer to write 1st or 3rd Person POV? Why?

Third person always, mostly because if I write in first person I feel as if I’m writing reports or what-not.

What do you feel are the most important aspects to a good romance?

The first kiss

Are you always in the driver’s seat? Or do your characters drag you along for the ride?

Are you kidding? I haven’t seen the driver’s seat in forever!

What is your least favorite part of the writing process?

Blurb, synopsis and cover sheets. Don’t know why but these tumble me every single time.

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