Oct 31, 2013

Sanctuary, Montana Blog Tour: Corinne Davies


As a forensic genealogist, Jocelyn Richards spends all her time delving into other family’s histories as a way to avoid dealing with her own. She’s quietly hired to find the information needed to put an end to a centuries old feud between the Baldwins and McLeans but never expected to find her future while investigating the past.  

Eric and Matt Baldwin are cousins, who have grown up like brothers. Life in the fire department hasn't been risk free. After an accident that almost claimed Eric’s life, they both moved back to their home town to build a future and train a new generation of firefighters.

Matt grew up with the firm belief in love at first sight. When they meet a woman in town to do research on a book, Eric is tempted to believe it too. But, there are more secrets to Jocelyn Richards then he first believes and when the feud flares to life again she is caught in the middle.  Will the history behind a centuries old feud drive them apart before they can create a future?

As soon as she stepped into the tea shop she was surrounded by a warm welcoming scent of fresh baked goods. There was a glass case with a number of pastries and treats. Jocelyn knew she couldn’t eat whatever it was. She didn’t want to develop bad eating habits. Still, as she looked at the delicious looking scones her eyes were drawn to a chocolate croissant sitting on a plate. One wouldn’t hurt her, and she was going to be walking a lot so she should have a few extra calories.
A woman stood on the other side of the case and looked at Jocelyn. “Anything I can get you, hon?”
She tapped lightly on the case at the croissant. “I think I’d like that.”
“Danielle, I’ll take that last croissant you have there.” The large man at the counter spoke at the same time she did.
“Sorry, Matt. It’s spoken for.”
He turned around and Jocelyn felt her face grow hot. Oh, god. He was the big one from the fire station. She glanced down, hoping a monstrous hole was going to open up so she could jump in. “Never mind, you can have it.”
“How about you share it with me?”
“Um, yeah okay.” Her brain had gone on hiatus the moment she looked up at his big hazel eyes framed with thick black lashes. His bold statement took her off guard. A normal person would have just accepted the entire pastry or insisted that she take it. “I’m sure she can cut it in half.”
“Now what fun would that be?” He smiled down at her and she felt a strange flip-flop in the vicinity of her stomach. “Why don’t we go pick us a table and we’ll do this the proper way?”
That quickly, she found herself holding her tea and being ushered across the room to a corner table. “What if you have to put out a fire? I don’t want to distract you.”
An amused sparkle lit his eyes, making her wish for that hole again. She’d just admitted to being the idiot who almost got into an accident because she’d been ogling him and his coworker.
“Don’t you worry about that. My shift ended twenty minutes ago. I was just going to pick up some bagels for the night crew.” He placed his large mug and the plate with the croissant on the small table and reached out to pull out her chair for her.
Jocelyn sank down into the seat still clutching her mug with both hands. The fireman slipped his coat off, revealing a mouthwatering expanse of chest. A long sleeved navy-blue T-shirt molded to almost every muscle that packed his torso. He sat back and smiled at her. “Are you going to take off your coat? If you get too warm in here, it won’t keep you warm outside.”
“Oh, yeah.” Jocelyn placed her mug on the table and wriggled out of her jacket, letting it drop back on the back of her chair. Why is he still here when you are acting like such an idiot again? Maybe he likes brainless twits? She couldn’t explain why she felt like her IQ dissolved like sugar in her coffee around this man.
“My name’s Matt.” He leaned forward and held out his hand.
“Jocelyn. Jocelyn Richards.” She immediately slipped her hand into his, thankful for this normal ritual. But the moment her hand disappeared into his larger one, her body turned into one massive raging hormone. Really, it should be illegal for a man to have lashes that long. Small lines in the corner of his eyes added to his looks and gave him character. She thought her crow’s feet made her look old.
He didn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to let go of her hand, and it took a second of looking up into his beautiful eyes before she realized she still had her fingers curled around his. “Oh, god, I’m sorry.” She pulled her hand back and wrapped her fingers around her mug. “I don’t know what’s gotten into me.”
Matt huffed a bit of a laugh and winked at her. “I’m usually much smoother than this as well. You seem to have me a bit flustered.”
“I find that highly doubtful.” She took a sip of her tea. The delicate mint and blackberry flavors coated her tongue and warmed her almost as much as touching him had.
“You start from one side, I’ll start from the other, and we’ll see where we are when we get to the middle.” He pushed the small plate holding the croissant toward her. His sleeve slid up his arm, allowing her a glimpse at the bottom of a colorful tattoo on his arm. A fireman and a bad boy. She shifted in her seat a little bit trying to relieve the ache that had taken up residence between her legs. Her mother would have a stroke, but Jocelyn wanted nothing more than to crawl in his lap and see how far up the tattoo went.
She wasn’t certain if he meant that in a way other than the obvious, and her heart pounded against her ribs at the prospect that this big man might be flirting with her. You must be reading this situation wrong. “Do you often wash your fire truck outside in freezing cold weather?” she asked, trying to find a safe topic of conversation.
Matt laughed. The low timbre to his voice, combined with the rough chuckle, sent vibrations streaking straight between her legs. For an insane moment she wondered if he could make her come simply by talking to her. “It’s not that bad out today, and we needed something to keep busy. I haven’t seen you around town before. Were you here for the rodeo?”
“Oh, no, not at all.” She took another sip to wet her dry throat. “I’m here doing research on families in the area, ones who have been around for a long time.”
“Really? I can help you with that. My family was one of the first in the area. The last name is Baldwin.”
Jocelyn almost choked on the decadent piece of croissant she’d just popped into her mouth. She’d just been thinking about avoiding a conflict of interest, and now she was sitting here flirting with a member of one of the families she was investigating. Way to go, Jocelyn.

“How does she taste?”
Matt slid his finger in and out a couple times and then looked up at her. Meeting her gaze, he slipped his finger inside his mouth, slowly sucking the cream off. “Like a tart peach dipped in honey.” He wanted to bury his face between her legs again. He reached up and took her hand from where she was clutching his shirt and led it to her pussy. “Touch yourself, beautiful.” She gasped and pulled from his grip for a moment. Slipping his fingers over the waistband, he pulled her panties down, revealing the small patch of hair that teased him so much.
“Tease Eric a bit more, Jocelyn. He likes to watch. She took a shaky breath and then slowly slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties. He could sense she was nervous about being with both of them, but she needed to understand that they would never do anything to hurt her. The fact that she was willing to play with herself to stroke Eric’s voyeuristic side was a good step in that direction.
Before Matt could make the suggestion, she lifted her fingers to Eric’s face. He gripped her wrist and sucked them deep into his mouth, licking every bit of her cream from her as she watched. “You’re so incredible.” Eric dropped to his knees in front of her as well. Moving away from her, Matt allowed Eric to get close. His cousin lifted one of Jocelyn’s legs and propped it over his shoulder as he cupped her ass and pressed his face between her legs.
“Oh, my god.” Jocelyn gripped handfuls of Eric’s hair and leaned against him.
Matt quickly pulled the covers down the bed and stripped off his shirt and pants. His cock jutted out from his body. Jocelyn’s cries of passion were making him painfully hard as Eric ate her out. He pulled out a strip of condoms from the nightstand and a small bottle of lube and tossed them onto the sheets.
He came up behind her, and his cock twitched against her naked skin. She was practically vibrating with need as he wrapped his hands around her torso and cupped her breasts. Rolling her perfect nipples between his fingers, he kissed a path along her shoulder. “You like being watched don’t you, Jocelyn. I’m watching the way you’re arching your little cunt up against my cousin’s face.”
“So good,” Jocelyn whimpered and pressed her head back against his chest. Her hips were rocking as she dug her heel against Eric’s spine.
“Come for Eric, Jocelyn,” he whispered as he traced her ear with his tongue. “Squeeze the fingers I’m sure he’s pressing up into you and fuck his face.”
He pinched her nipples a little rougher as he spoke, and after a moment or two she let go of Eric’s head with one hand and reached up blindly to cup Matt’s neck.
“That’s right, take what you need. Imagine my cock deep in your ass while Eric is in your cunt. We’ll trap you between us and fuck you harder than you’ve ever been in your life.”
If he’d been the least bit concerned about her reaction to a real ménage, his fears would have been put to rest. As he spoke, her entire body stiffened and curled up slightly as she cried out. He could feel her fingers tightening on his neck, pulling him closer. Her eyes opened, blue eyes unfocused as she rode out her orgasm. Matt caught her as she slumped back against him. Eric wiped at his face with his hand and untangled himself from her legs.
Matt scooped her up and carried her over to the bed while his cousin stripped behind him. Despite just riding through an intense orgasm, Jocelyn speared her fingers through his hair and pulled him down for a kiss as soon as her back hit the mattress. He managed to get one knee on the bed when she wrapped her legs around his waist. She pressed her  heels into his lower back and lifted her pussy, sliding up and down his length. Her hot wet cunt was at the perfect position for him to plunge into her with one thrust.
“Oh, fuck.” His legs trembled, and he fought the intense urge to thrust the length of his cock into her. He couldn’t wait for the day when he claimed her without a condom, but he wasn’t going to do that without her believing this was forever.
“Here, Matt.” Eric passed him an open condom. Thank god for cousins who can read my mind. Eric bent over and kissed her, distracting her as Matt managed to roll the condom down his length. As soon as he was sheathed, Matt lined himself up and pushed his throbbing erection into her tight soaked cunt.
“Oh, god. Yes, that feels so good.” Jocelyn gripped him like a tight fist, almost preventing him from getting too far before she relaxed enough for him to invade her. He lifted one of her legs over his arm, tilting her pelvis up a bit more, looking for that perfect spot. He’d warned Eric that she was blessed with a sensitive G-spot and he’d managed to get her to come so hard she soaked the bed. He’d already decided his new goal in life was to do that every time.
Eric shifted his position and Jocelyn reached out and wrapped her delicate fingers around his cousin’s cock. Eric didn’t have a chance to take a full breath before she lead him to her lips. Matt grit his teeth and concentrated on hitting that magical spot in her as she  moaned around Eric’s length. Matt could feel her cunt rhythmically clenching on his length, a pulsing pleasure that echoed around his balls, pulling them up tight to his body. He quickly realized he needed a moment to catch his breath before this all ended sooner than he wanted.
Despite his body’s disagreement, he pulled out of Jocelyn and smacked one cheek of her ass. Eric’s eyes flew open at the sound of Matt’s hand connecting on her skin, and he smiled. “Darlin’, roll over onto your knees.”

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Oct 30, 2013

Sanctuary, Montana Blog Tour: Melody Snow Monroe


Six lucky women find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.
When veterinarian Dr. Hailey Hunter takes a two-week stint in Sanctuary, Montana, she never expects to meet the men of her dreams. Ranch owner Jackson Baldwin not only is to-die-for-sexy, he’s a man in control—that is until he finds out his father has cancer and his roommate, Tanner Crenshaw, has a thirteen-year-old son he just learned about.
Tanner is shocked to learn he has a son, but he’s determined to raise him and love him. Because the boy’s mother just died, the eleven-year-old attaches himself to Hailey. While she adores the boy, when her stint is up, she must find a full-time job, as she has college loans to pay off. When she’s offered a job in another state, all hell breaks loose in Sanctuary, and she’s torn between earning money and being with the men she loves.


“Hey, Tanner!” The bartender nodded toward the door. “Seems some pretty lady wants to talk to you. She’s been waving and pointing, trying to get your attention for a full minute.”
He jerked around. A petite woman in army fatigues had her hand in the air. As soon as she saw him turn around, she motioned him near. Next to her stood a tall, gangly kid who looked everywhere but at him.
Tanner shook his head. “Never seen ’em before.” He tossed back his beer, kissed the lips of the sweet thing next to him, and swiveled back to see if maybe the woman was pointing to someone else. “I’ll find out who she’s really looking for.”
“Tell her kids aren’t allowed in the bar at night.”
That went without saying. The Bandit Bar was sometimes too wild even for him. Friday night in particular was a magnet for trouble. Most of the folks in Sanctuary, Montana, had nothing to do, so they came here to dance and drink. They looked forward to watching a bunch of drunken cowboys beat the shit out of each other. He didn’t blame any of the hardworking folks here for their fun. Life was hard in Sanctuary.
He was one of the lucky ones. He worked in a bank, but this week had been a bitch. He’d had to foreclose on two families. It sucked. He’d come here to forget his woes and hoped the young woman wasn’t about to add to them.
He worked his way through the crowd, stepping around a few drunks to get to the servicewoman. He searched his mind for his facial recognition program. No name appeared.
Finally, he reached her. “Ma’am? You looking for me?”
Her shoulders squared. Her blonde hair was pulled back tight and tucked under an Army issue cap. “You Tanner Crenshaw?”
“Yes, ma’am.” He ran his gaze over her body. Nice breasts, ample hips, long legs. “Do I know you?”
“No, but you knew my sister, Megan Hartwick.”
Megan Hartwick. He mentally scratched his head. He hadn’t had that much to drink. Hell, if she looked half as good as the soldier in front of him, he would have remembered her.
The lanky kid next to her tugged on her arm. “Let’s get out of here.” His fist clenched and his eyes narrowed as he studied Tanner.
The kid didn’t have muscles yet, but he would from the way his shoulders were wider than his hips. He had dark hair that needed to be cut, and the wisp of hair above his lip would appear more manly if he shaved it off.
“How old are you, son?”
The kid visibly jerked at the word son. “Don’t call me—”
“Cody, please. For once, shut up.” The woman’s lips pursed.
Tanner couldn’t put any of the pieces together. The band came back on stage, and the loud noise made it impossible to hear. “How about we step outside for a moment?”
She nodded. As she stretched out an arm to open the door, Tanner reached around her and pushed it open for her. The outside was well-lit and gave him a better chance to study these two. The bar sat right on Valley Road, and as such, it had garish red and blue flashing lights that were meant to attract attention. A few people strolled by despite the nip in the March air.
“So what’s this all about?” He still couldn’t place Megan, but the name sounded familiar.
The woman slipped her hand inside her coat, extracted a letter, and handed it to him. “This will explain everything.”
He folded the envelope in half and jammed it in his back pocket. “How about telling me the short of it.”
She wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulder to bring him near, but the kid stepped out of her grasp and shot his gaze to the ground. Tanner could relate. He remembered being mad at the world at his age.
“Megan was my sister.”
The word was had his mind buzzing. His brain felt like he’d stepped in a beehive and every one of those buggers aimed at his brain. “She’s dead?”
“Yes. Two weeks ago from colon cancer. This here is her son, Cody.”
“I’m so sorry for your loss, ma’am.” As if someone had tossed him a one-hundred piece jigsaw puzzle and said he had one minute to assemble it, he sorted through the pieces, forming the border and slowly filling in the center. “Megan.” A vague image formed. “Yeah. Blonde and beautiful.” He could see the family resemblance now with the sister. Their one-month affair had ended badly. Oh, shit. He looked at Cody and the puzzle finally came together. Only he wasn’t sure he liked the final image. He tapped his chest. “You think I’m his father?”
The boy looked up at him. At that moment, Tanner knew the truth. This was his son. From the deep-blue eyes and the prominent brow ridge to the strong jaw, he was a Crenshaw through and through. A quick glance at his large feet, and Tanner’s world spun as joy collided with fear.
“You are his father. Read the letter. You and Megan dated for over a month.”
The conversation came flooding back. “Then she dumped me.”
“Because she found out she was pregnant and didn’t want to tie you down. You weren’t the marrying type.”


Jackson slid behind her. “How about we celebrate in style? You’ve been gone too long.”
She dropped her head back onto his shoulders. “Those are the magic words I’ve been waiting to hear.”
Jackson swooped her up in his arms and she giggled. Who would have thought this morning that she’d be right back in Sanctuary with the men she loved?
He carried her to his room where the bed was neatly made and the clothes put away.
Tanner stepped next to her. “Jackson isn’t much of a romantic. He didn’t light any candles.”
“You fucker. I didn’t have time.” He set her down.
She laughed. “No fighting between you two. Ever.”
Jackson turned her to face him. “You’re right, Pleasure. We want our relationship to be perfect in every way.” He cupped her face and kissed her. When their tongues touched, he tasted of rich coffee, and her body exploded with need.
Right now, she needed him naked. Jackson always wanted to be the one in control, but surely a little push on her part wouldn’t hurt. Before she could undo his belt buckle, he grabbed her wrists.
He leaned back. “Did you forget something, little sub?”
“Come on, Jackson.” She gave him her best pout. “I gave up a surefire job for you. Can’t I suck on your cocks?”
A slow smile spread across his lips. “Since you sacrificed for us, I guess I can bend the rules this one time, but we do it on my terms.”
What choice did she have? “Okay.”
“Tanner and I will get you naked, then you will take off our clothes.”
If that was what he considered his terms, she liked it. “Then what?”
“Do as we say and you will be rewarded. Trust me.”
I do. With my whole heart. “Yes, Masters.” She worked hard to keep from grinning.
Tanner picked her up and sat her on the bed. “Remember to keep your gaze downward as we strip you naked.” He leaned over and pressed his lips to her ear. “Then you can suck on my cock.”
She swallowed her grin while her stomach tightened with need.
Good old Tanner. He seemed willing to play the Dom when Jackson was around. Tanner tugged off her boots and socks while Jackson lifted off her sweater. Her body exploded with pent-up desire as she breathed in their masculine scent that held a hint of spice mixed with something citrusy.
“Stand up,” Jackson commanded, his Dom persona fully in place.
She loved when he took charge. Her life was now fully aligned. The only thing to make it more perfect would be if she could make love to both men at the same time, but she didn’t want to ruin her chances by begging them. At least not yet.
Tanner dropped to his knees and unbuttoned her jeans then looked up and smiled. “God, but I’ve missed you.”
She figured she wasn’t supposed to talk or touch, so she smiled and slightly nodded. Thoughts of disobeying raced through her mind as she pictured the fun. She loved having her ass slapped, or at least she loved the heat that followed. The delight brought her such joy.
He unhooked her jeans and dragged them down to her ankles. “Step out of them.”
She held onto Tanner’s shoulders and lifted one foot at a time. He tossed the jeans to the side. Jackson hissed, but he didn’t move to pick them up. She’d fortunately worn a long-sleeve shirt under the sweater, one that didn’t have any damned buttons. Jackson would have spent a minute on each one just to drive her crazy.
He stepped behind her, and when he slipped his fingers under her shirt, she sucked in a breath at his touch. She’d dreamed of this moment and loved how his callused palms scraped her belly and sent shivers of delight straight between her legs.
Instead of removing her top like he had her sweater, he eased his fingers under her bra and pressed on her nipples. Her pussy creamed. His weather-roughened fingers created chaos all down her body. He lifted the bra over her breasts, relieving the pressure.
“Oh, yes.” She drew in her bottom lip.
Jackson continued to play with her nipples while Tanner slipped a finger under her panties and into her weeping hole. Instant lust grabbed hold, and her legs weakened.
“Masters, please. I thought you said I could suck on your cocks.” If they didn’t stop playing with her now, she’d expire.

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Oct 29, 2013

Sanctuary, Montana Blog Tour: Alicia White



Sophie Miller has lost hope.
She’s on the run from her violent ex-husband with her thirteen year old daughter, Alice.  They end up heading to Sanctuary, Montana hoping that her ex won’t be able to find them. With money tight and feeling uncertain about the future, Sophie turns to the only person in town she knows and trusts… her cousin. 
Mason and Alex McLean come from a wealthy family.
When Mason spots Sophie and Alice at the grocery store in town his protective instincts surface. There is just something about the sad woman that calls to him. Becoming her hero is easy, Mason does everything is his power to turn her frown into a smile, even offering her a job at his ranch.
Will Sophie be able to let go of the pain from her past? Will she ever be able to trust and love again or will her ex-husband run her out of another town.

Story Excerpt
Country music blared from the speakers and she looked around, hoping to spot Alex and Mason. When she saw them, her heart skipped a beat. They were both so amazingly good-looking in their cowboy garb. Feeling ill, Sophie twisted her hands in her lap, trying to stay calm, but it was next to impossible. Alice reached over and held her hand, giving her a comforting pat.
Alex’s name was called over the loudspeaker, and she knew any minute now that he would be in the center of the ring. A loud buzzer rang, and she held her breath as a metal gate slammed open. She wanted to close her eyes, but she didn’t. Sophie wanted to be supportive of Alex, even if he chose to ride bulls. Scoffing, she said a quick prayer as the bull charged out of the small pen. Her eyes widened as his body was thrashed around. He looked like a bobble head. That was the only comparison she could come up with.
He flew off the bull before the eight second buzzer rang out. Good, Lord, that was the longest eight seconds of my life. He jumped up immediately and waved, proving that he wasn’t injured. Sophie waved back, her hand still shaking. Relief swept through her, and it felt as if a thirty pound weight lifted from her shoulders. Standing, Sophie awkwardly made it down the stairs and over to where Alex and Mason were, Alice trailing behind her. She waited for them to come out of the arena.
“I’m whole and healthy, sweetheart.” Alex grinned, pulling her close for a hug.
Sophie closed her eyes. If anything had happened… She stopped that thought. Alex wasn’t an irresponsible man. He was an experienced bull rider, but even that couldn’t necessarily prevent an injury. She heard one man had already been sent to the hospital, proving this was a very dangerous sport.
 “Alex, I don’t think I can watch you do that ever again.” She shook her head. “I don’t have the right to tell you to stop, but I felt so sick sitting up there.”
“You did great. Do you think you won?” Alice asked, looking up at Alex as if he were some sort of hero.
“I’m not sure.” He shrugged as if it didn’t matter, before giving Sophie his attention.
“I won’t take any unnecessary risks. If it makes you feel better, then I won’t get back on a bull. It’s a young man’s game, anyway.” Alex smiled and kissed her forehead.
“You’re young and you wore all the safety gear,” she defended. The last thing she wanted was for Alex to stop doing something he loved.
“That’s true, but I don’t want my woman to be sick with worry, and I don’t want to ride if you aren’t cheering me on. Besides, I don’t want my luck wearing off,” Alex explained and Alice giggled. Sophie assumed it was probably because Alex had just claimed her as his. She didn’t correct him or try to explain to Alice. It felt good when he called her his woman.
“Your luck won’t wear off, and I’ll always cheer you on. I’ll be fine. My heart can take it.”
“Only if you’re sure.”
“I am.” Sophie had no idea what had just happened. Did I just agree with him riding bulls? Wait…I just told him to keep riding, didn’t I? The man has muddled my mind.
“Let’s go get some barbeque. It sure smells good.” Mason took her arm. Alice sided up next to him and took his other arm.
“It sure does,” Alice agreed.
The four of them started walking toward the food stands that lined the north end of the area. The layout of the rodeo was quite spectacular. And it was a bit surprising seeing so many people. She’d never been to a rodeo. This whole experience was and quite exciting. They passed various booths selling all sorts of things like jewelry, leather belts, artwork, and she even spotted a booth that sold guns.
“Do you want to stop at one of the booths to see if there is anything you like?” Alex leaned down and whispered in her ear, and Sophie smiled, shaking her head.
“Come on, let’s look. You might find something you want,” Alex coaxed.
She shrugged. “I didn’t bring any money.”
“You don’t have to worry about that. You’re here with Mason and me. You’re our woman, right?” he asked, staring at her. His eyes sparkled, begging her to challenge him.
“Yes.” She licked her lips. “I’m your woman.” Gosh, I wish we were alone.
“Then let’s go over and take a look.” Alex took the lead and then stopped in his tracks, turning to face her. “I want to buy you something.” When she gave a slight nod, he held her hand and made his way through the throngs of people and over to the booths.

Adult Excerpt
“Look at you?” He looked down. “Both of you?” Mason and Alex looked at each other. “Your bodies…how can those muscles be real?”
Throwing back his head, Alex started laughing, and Mason joined in.
“Oh, baby, you are way too cute. I’m just an ordinary guy.” Alex climbed onto the bed, brushing his naked body against hers.
“Ordinary? Do you even know what that word means? You’re more than ordinary.” Alex kissed her then, not the gentle way he had before. No, this was raw and full of passion.
The sound of foil tearing got her attention, and she stopped the kiss to look at Mason. He rolled the condom over his huge cock before climbing on the bed. She stared at him as he moved between her legs. He lifted her thighs high and wide. His cock pressed against the opening of her pussy.
She stared at him, his blue eyes becoming darker, making him look sexy and a tad dangerous. Slowly he pushed in and Sophie held her breath. It was unlike anything she had ever felt, his hard cock covered in soft silk.
“You’re so tight and hot, baby. Your pussy is pulling me in. It’s so good, the best thing I’ve ever felt.” Mason’s eyes were gentle. He didn’t move for a minute, letting her body adjust.
“You look so beautiful.” Alex leaned down and kissed her.
Mason started to move, slow strokes, working his cock all the way inside her. Sophie reached up, needing to touch him, and wrapped her arms around his neck. They stared at each other, and she could feel the connection grow between them. Mason lay on top of her fully and kissed her lips all the while swiveling his hips, driving his hard cock into her.
Pulling back, he whispered, “I want you to suck Alex’s cock, sweetheart.” Mason moved back then, giving her room.
Sophie turned her head and looked at Alex. He sat back on the bed, smiling at her, and she hated that he was so far away. Reaching out her hand, she grabbed his cock. She pumped her hand slowly up and down his rigid length, and Alex groaned, moving closer.
“Alex, I want your cock in my mouth.” He responded to her dirty words immediately, like she knew he would.
Going to his knees before her, he held her head in his hand. “Nice and easy, sweetheart.” She really didn’t have much experience, but she was quite eager to please him.
Wrapping her mouth around the head of his cock, she gently sucked him into her mouth. Holding the base with her hand, she pumped his hard shaft while she licked and sucked on him. She pretended he was a Popsicle, taking her time to cover his entire length.
“Oh, sweetheart, you’ve got a wicked little mouth.” Alex’s praise gave her all the encouragement she needed. Sophie swallowed him then, bobbing her head faster.
“Oh, fuck! Slow down, baby. I’m not going to last.” Alex wrapped her hair around his fist then and took control, fucking her mouth in long, smooth strokes.
Mason lifted her legs higher over his shoulders and fucked her deep. She felt his cock touch places inside of her that had never been touched before. Gripping her hips tightly, he slammed into her, fucking her harder, and Sophie yelled in her throat. Nothing had ever felt so good. No man had ever fucked her with such passion. She never wanted this moment to end. So thick and hot, his cock hammered in one explosion after another as rapture began to race through her. She was on edge, and she didn’t want to go over alone.
Sucking Alex harder and faster, she moved her hips, meeting Mason’s, fucking him back. Her world started to shatter, muscles tightening, and she could feel her climax within reach.
“Oh, God! Sweetheart, I’m gonna come. If you don’t want to swallow…” Alex bellowed, pumping his hips, shoving his cock down her throat.
This salty flavor exploded on her tongue, and Sophie swallowed every drop. She kissed the head of his cock once more before turning her attention back to Mason. She wanted to watch him come. She wanted to see his face covered with passion.
“You’re so sexy,” Mason growled, moving faster, fucking her harder. He reached between their bodies and, using his thumb, he rubbed her clit in small, hard circles.
Sophie’s body tightened as she screamed, as her body exploded with pleasure. Closing her eyes tight, she saw a kaleidoscope of colors. In the distance she heard a masculine shout calling out her name, and she felt the warm flood of Mason’s release.
Panting, she tried to catch her breath. Mason moved then, and she felt a cool breeze touch her hot skin. She grumbled a complaint right before two strong, male bodies cocooned her in warmth and love. Someone pulled a blanket over them, and together they cuddled. 

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Oct 28, 2013

Sanctuary, Montana Blog Tour: Lara Valentine


Six women lucky women will find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.
Aubrey Maxwell has had it with her men, Noah and Riley McLean. They’ve made promise after promise and broken every one. She has no choice but to lay down the law and hope they toe the line.
Noah and Riley know they’ve screwed up, but they love Aubrey with all their hearts. It’s time to cowboy up and act like men. Old habits die hard, however, and soon they’re back in the dog house begging for forgiveness.
When Aubrey’s threatened by an admirer, keeping her safe becomes paramount. She’s not thrilled they’ve swept in and taken over her life, but they’re not taking no for an answer. Aubrey wants to believe her men will be there when she needs them, but she’s been burned so many times. It’s going to take a miracle to get her to trust them again.


Noah grabbed her hand. “Hey, sweetheart. We’ve missed you these last few days.”
She pulled her hand away and tucked it behind her back. She was looking at them like they were navel lint. “I haven’t missed you. Not that I would have seen you all that much anyway. You would have been busy watching sports with your buddies, or playing poker with your buddies, or starting fights with the Baldwins…with your buddies. Just another fun filled day with the McLean boys.”
Noah felt his neck get warm. He felt Riley starting to move, and he grabbed his forearm and pulled him back. Riley and Aubrey got into each other’s faces quicker than any two people he’d ever seen.
“Well, we missed you. Listen, honey, we know we’ve screwed up and we want to make it up to you. No more breaking dates, no more showing up late stinking like a bar, no more starting fights. We mean it. We love you, baby. The forever kind of love. Please give us another chance. You won’t regret it. We promise.”
She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her toe on the concrete floor. She was clearly pissed as hell. “Forever, huh? That’s what it’s felt like. Forever. Waiting for you two to grow the fuck up. Forever, waiting for you to show up for dates. Fuck, I don’t even take a shower and start getting ready anymore until you show up at the door. That’s how many times you’ve stood me up or been hours late.” She was pointing her finger into his chest now, her eyes narrowed in anger. “Promises.” She almost spat the word. “I’ve heard all of your promises. Nothing will be different. It never is. You never are. I’m going to make something different. I’m going to change. I’ve had enough.”
Her face was red, and she looked ready to cry. Noah’s heart twisted in his chest knowing they were the reason. He felt like ten kinds of shit hurting her the way they had. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore. He was ready to act like a man.
“I know we’ve never given you reason to believe us. We’ve made empty promises before, but this time we’ve changed. We’re ready to become the men you’ve waited for us to be. We know we’ve made you wait and we’re sorry.”
Aubrey turned on her heel, her eyes bright with unshed tears, and started to walk away but Riley caught her arm before she could flee.
“I love you, honey. More than you can possibly imagine. I know I’ve been selfish and hurtful. You’ve got a right to make me pay for that. I’m here to grovel and I’m here to make amends. I’m ready to act like a grown-up. Losing you is not an option. You’re my life, my anchor.”
Aubrey’s eyes were wide, taking in the sincerity of his brother’s declaration. A lone, silvery tear slipped down her creamy cheek, breaking his heart. From the way Riley swallowed hard, Noah knew his brother was shaking in fear it was too late.
Riley dropped her arm. “Do you want me to beg? I will if you want. I’ll get down on my knees right now. You can tie my ass to a spanking bench and take my own crop and beat the ever-loving shit out of me in front of all these people. I love you that much. I’ve been stupid, and I’ve been an ass, but have I been unforgivable?”
Noah gaped at his brother. He’d never seen him so intense, so serious. Aubrey was their cherished submissive, but Riley was a slave for Aubrey’s love. They both needed her like they needed air to breathe. Riley was going the extra mile to make this right with her.
Her full lips trembled. “Just because I may forgive you, doesn’t mean I want to put myself through it all again. I can’t keep doing this with you. We get together, we break up. Someone has to break the cycle.”
Noah caressed her cheek. “We’re breaking it now. We’re done doing stupid shit. We won’t give you any moment’s worry. Please say you’ll give us another chance.”
She brushed away the tears that were falling down her face. “You scramble my brains, both of you. I need to think about this. We need some time apart. Maybe we should see other people for awhile. Just to see if what we have can stand the test of time.”
He and Riley were both shaking their heads. No man was going to touch their woman. Noah pulled her closer to him, letting her scent envelop him and arouse him. She smelled like vanilla and rain, and his dick woke up in his pants and pressed against his zipper. They’d had many issues in their relationship, but sex had never been one. Making love to Aubrey was as close to perfection as anyone could get.
“We’ve already stood more tests than that. We don’t need other women to prove it.” A terrible thought occurred to him. “Is there another guy?”
She looked uncomfortable. “There could be. Just tonight, Tom told me what his basket was going to look like. He’s a nice guy and seems dependable. Unlike you.”
Riley looked ready to spit. “Fuck, no. He’s not touching our sub. If you go near him, I’ll make sure you can’t sit down for a week. Don’t push me, honey.”
It was absolutely the wrong fucking thing to say. Their woman took it as a personal challenge. She gave them a look that would have felled a lesser man, her eyes shooting daggers.
“I’ll do anything I damn well please. In fact, I’m definitely going to bid on his basket tonight. There’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me.”
Before they could stop her, she flounced off, madder than a wet hen. Noah groaned. “Good going. She’s pissed and she’s riled up good. How are we going to stop her from doing something she’s going to regret later?”
Riley grinned and slapped him on the back. “Relax, bro. I’ve got this covered. I know just what we’re going to do. She’s not going to scene with Tom. She’s our sub, our woman. We just need to remind her of it. Follow me.”
Noah followed Riley. “This better be good.”
“It is. I know exactly what to do. She’ll be in our arms by the end of the night.”


Riley and Noah quickly stripped her corset, skirt, and thong from her body, leaving her naked to their gaze. Her blood heated as they walked around her, taking in every detail. They liked what they saw.
Noah ran a callused hand over her rib cage, making her tingle and moan. “We’re going to play with your body for awhile. Get you good and hot. Then we’ll move you to the bed for punishment. When we’re done, I don’t think you’ll want to be bratty for a long time.”
A wave of anticipation ran through her, and her pussy leaked honey at the visions that filled her head. Each thought was naughtier than the last, making her painfully aroused and light-headed. It was a relief when they moved closer and started running their hands all over her body, paying special attention to her puckered nipples and the sensitive skin on her inner thighs.
Their mouths and tongues followed, and they covered every inch of her quivering flesh. She was trembling and begging when they gave her a chance to catch her breath.
“Please Masters, please. I need to come.”
Honey was dripping down her thighs, and her nipples were tightened into hard buds.
Noah shook his head. “Not yet. We will show you mercy, however, and stop torturing you with pleasure.”
She took a deep breath. “Thank you, Master Noah.”
“Don’t thank me yet, sub. We’re going to move you to the bed now.”
As quickly as she was chained to the ceiling, they had her free and face down on the bed. Her arms were pulled over her head and clipped to a chain attached to the headboard, while Riley pulled her ankles wide clipping each one to the footboard. She could feel a cool breeze on her cunt and clit, spread wide and vulnerable. Noah tucked a pillow under her hips so her ass was pushed up, inviting their attention.
He stroked the skin slowly before trailing his fingers down the crack of her ass. “First, a spanking to get you in the mood for your punishment. This is not part of your punishment, as you enjoy spankings far too much for them to ever be a deterrent for bad behavior.”
Noah’s palm came down on her ass cheek hard a split second before Riley’s came down on the opposite cheek. Then Noah’s again, then Riley’s. It went on like that until her bottom was on fire and her arousal almost painful.
“Please fuck me, Masters. Please let me come!” Her voice was rough and raw. Riley patted her bottom. “Not yet, sub. I think you’re ready for your punishment.”
Noah slid off the bed and pulled the cloth off of the tray. What she saw made her pussy and ass clench tightly and almost took her breath away. There was a large hand of ginger, a bowl of water, and a bowl of ice. She’d seen this done before but had never experienced it herself. She knew to have a good healthy fear of this punishment. They were one hundred percent correct. She would think twice about her bratty behavior after this.
Noah took a knife from the tray and began carving a long finger from the ginger, then peeling it. He took his time, a small smile playing around his lips, letting her watch from her place on the bed. Her nerves were stretched taut when he finally held it up for her inspection.
“Do you know where this is going to go, sub?”
She swallowed hard. “In my ass, Master Noah.”
He nodded. “It is. This is punishment. Once we’re done here, we’ll fuck you and let you come. That will not be punishment. Are we clear?”
“Yes, Master Noah.”
“Spread her ass cheeks, Riley.”
She felt Riley’s hands on her sore bottom and the pressure against her anus as the ginger was slowly worked inside her. When it was in place, Noah sat back with a smile.
“I’ll wash my hands and we’ll wait.” He stood up and headed to the small sink in the corner, washing his hands, then returning to sit next to Riley. He’d pulled two chairs to the bedside and they both sat there watching her closely.
At first, she didn’t feel anything and let her muscles relax. But soon, the simmering heat in her bottom became a flame and she couldn’t stop herself from pulling at her bonds, moaning, and clenching the ginger firmly embedded in her ass. The clenching only made it worse but she couldn’t stop herself. Her fingers were wrapped around the chain, her knuckles white as she gritted her teeth against what felt like a blow torch in her private parts.
Her body responded to their ministrations as it always did, amping up her arousal until she was rubbing herself against the pillow, trying to send herself over.
The heat ended almost abruptly, her body going limp. Noah stood up and gently removed the ginger from her bottom before reaching for something on the tray. She didn’t have time to protest or beg before an ice cube was pressed into her backside. She almost came off the bed, but the bonds held her firmly. She opened her mouth to scream when a cock was thrust deep in her pussy.
“Ready to come, sub?”

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