May 27, 2013

In the Spotlight - Cyndi Friberg



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Anything-but-Ordinary is Cyndi's creed and her writing reflects her dedication to the concept. She writes in a variety of genres, but seems happiest in outer space. Her books have been nominated for numerous awards, and Taken by Storm was named Best Fantasy/Science Fiction Romance of the year by Romance Reviews Today.
She lives in Colorado with her high school sweetheart turned husband of many years. With a pampered cat curled on the corner of her desk, she dreams of fascinating words and larger than life adventures -- and wouldn't have it any other way!

Therian Heat, Book Five: THERIAN PRIZE

Available Now!
Therian Heat, Book Five: When Heather’s father offers the right to mate with her as the prize in a vicious tournament, she refuses to submit and runs for her life. Knowing the last place wolf hunters will search for her is in the heart of cat territory, she seeks the help of Jake, an irresistible and powerful tiger-shifter.
Jake and Heather have lusted for each other for years but loyalty to their respective clans has kept them apart. Thrown together by danger, they slowly succumb to the temptation of forbidden passion.
As the lovers lose themselves in each other, the hunt for Heather intensifies. Not only is her father still hot on her heels, a group of human scientists have targeted Heather, convinced they can use her unique shifter status for their own twisted ends.


“I can’t do this.” Heather used both hands in an effort to break his hold but he easily restrained her.
“Stop fighting me! You only humiliate yourself. There is no reason for your stubbornness. This is natural, an event to be celebrated.”
“This is barbaric and cruel,” she cried. “I will not be the prize for some twisted blood sport.”
He paused and stared deep into her eyes, a hint of tenderness softening his expression. “You’re a treasure I will award to the strongest and most cunning among numerous packs. You should be proud. The turnout for your challenge is unprecedented.” Without another word, he continued toward the crowd, dragging her behind him.
She looked at Lexxie in panicked anger but her friend appeared as upset as Heather.
“I didn’t know about this,” Lexxie insisted. “I swear. He told me it was a Howl.”
“It is a Howl,” Nate objected. “But rather than dancing and fucking, Heather’s mating ceremony will be the entertainment.”
His fingers banded her arm, firm, unbreakable. Even if she managed to break free, where would she go? Rather than humiliate herself further by kicking and screaming, Heather walked at his side, chin raised, gaze coolly assessing. He hadn’t exaggerated. The vast majority of attendees were male and many were from other packs.
The crowd parted for them, offering her an unobstructed view of the combatants. Three fights were going on simultaneously, each bout savage and bloody. She crossed her arms over her chest and forced herself to watch. She would not show fear in the face of this madness. She had to remain calm and watch for an opportunity if she hoped to escape.
Escape? Was there really any hope that she could outrun all these men?
“As soon as this round is decided, we’ll be down to the final six,” her father explained. He seemed absorbed by the competition, yet he maintained his hold on her arm. “My money is on Risdon, but Braden Montego is solid too.” He motioned toward two men standing across from them. She recognized James Risdon. The other man was a stranger to her. James was one of her father’s favorites and James had made no secret of his desire for her. Braden was tall and lean, with sharp features and pale-green eyes. He stared at her boldly as if he were already undressing her.
One of the combatants screamed and Heather’s attention returned to the fight. The wounded man held his arm against his chest, his hand twisted at an unnatural angle. His opponent smiled with vicious joy and Heather felt sick all over.
“He needs to shift to mend the bone, but he’ll be disqualified if he does,” her father explained, fascination making his eyes gleam. Ignoring the pain, the contestant attempted to continue.
It was all so cruel, so vicious. She started to turn away but her father jerked her back around.
“They’re spilling their blood for you. You can have the decency to watch.”
Decency? Nothing about this was decent.
The winners were declared a short time later and the final six paired off. She tried to calm down, to accept the inevitable. She was a Therian wolf. Her mate needed to be strong and capable. That’s all this was, a demonstration of his strength and…savagery! Blood marred their features and cruel ambition twisted their expressions. They weren’t allowed to shift and still they looked more animal than man.
This might be “an honored tradition” but she found it revolting.
Disgust and fear gave way to desperate purpose. She would not be the prize in this vicious competition. She would not submit to the brutality of men!
Drawing energy deep into her chest, she shut out everything but the hot tingle. All around her men cheered and shouted, calling suggestions to the ones slugging it out in the center. She tuned out the sounds and focused inward. Ever since she transformed six years ago, she’d been able to sense her inner self. She’d tried countless times to transform again but the stakes had never been this high before. If she stayed here she would die, perhaps not physically, but part of her soul would be consumed by the indignities they had planned for her.
Energy coalesced in her abdomen, spinning and twisting into a concentrated ball. Her skin felt tight, painfully confining, and her joints began to ache. Invigorated by her progress, Heather slowly opened her eyes.
Lexxie was the only one not engrossed in the fighting.
Heather felt her eyes burn as the shift took hold deep inside. Yes! It was working.
Lexxie’s eyes widened and she shook her head. “Don’t.” Her lips formed the word, but the sound was swallowed up by the roar of the crowd.
Heather was beyond caution, beyond caring if this made her look weak or embarrassed her father. She would not spend the rest of her life with the winner of this horrendous contest. Her Therian nature had saved her once before. When Carlos threatened her life, it was as if her ancestors rose up and triggered her transformation. This wasn’t a typical shift. This was more elemental, a Therian equivalent of fight or flight.
She surrendered to instinct and allowed her Therian nature to take over. Her wolf tossed her head, anxious and ready to escape. She closed her eyes again as her wolf thrust through her human form. Blinding pain flashed through her being as the shift hit her fast and hard. Nate cried out and grabbed a handful of fur, but the rest of her slipped away. Heather spun on her back legs then leapt between two stunned onlookers.
“Stop her!” Nate screamed. “If you catch her you keep her. And claim her any way you like.”
Her father’s horrible words followed her into the surrounding forest. She wasn’t sure where she was going or how she’d survive without her pack. All she knew was her life here was over and she couldn’t look back.


Q: Has your perspective on the writing process changed since you became published?
I still love to write, but this is my occupation now. I’ve become much more disciplined, spending at least 8 hours per day writing, editing or promoting.
Q: How do you know you’ve written a good book?
My best books are the ones that seem to write themselves. But I rely heavily on my critique partner and beta readers for honest opinions. It’s impossible for me to be objective about my work. I’ve had the same critique partner for 12 years, so we don’t pull punches.
Q: How do you keep your characters and stories organized?
I have a detailed “bible” for each of my worlds, but I also use a sort of cheat sheet with basic, yet important information, character descriptions, occupations, species, that sort of thing. The information becomes more complicated as each series progresses, so it’s imperative that I keep track of everything.
Q: What is the one thing you must have to be able to write?
Actually there are two: coffee and chocolate.
Q: What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written? 
I’m putting the finishing touches on Royal Obsession. It’s the first book in my Shadow Assassins series. These stories will feature the children of, or minor characters from, Beyond Ontariese. The Shadow Assassins stories are going to take place on Earth and most of the heroines will be human. The original series was sci-fi romance where these new books will be paranormal romance with sci-fi elements. No spaceship battles or interplanetary wars. J

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May 20, 2013

In the Spotlight - Jane Jamison

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Jane Jamison has always liked “weird stuff” as her mother called it. From an early age she was fascinated with stories about werewolves, vampires, space, aliens, and whatever was hiding in her bedroom closet. (To this day, she still swears she can hear growls and moans whenever the lights are out.)
Born under the sign of Scorpio meant Jane was destined to be very sensual. Some would say she was (and remains) downright sexual. Then one day she put her two favorite things together on paper and found her life’s true ambition: to be an erotica paranormal romance author.
Jane spends at least six days a week locked in her office surrounded by the characters she loves. Every day a new character will knock on the door of her imagination. Her plans include taking care of her loving husband, traveling, and writing at least twelve books a year.

Men for Hire 2: Riding Her Rough

Sela Reynolds is a pop star. Her life is going great until her boyfriend cheats on her and steals her money, reinforcing her trust issues. Needing time to get away, she ends up playing Goldilocks to three sexy cowboys.
Bill, William, and Carter Richland work for Cowboys for Hire and run their own ranch. When they find a beautiful woman in their bathtub, they’re thrown for a loss, but know they’ve found the woman of their dreams.
Even knowing that Sela (aka Shawna) lied to them, giving them a fake name as well as a fictitious sob story, the men still want her as their woman. When she refuses, saying she can’t trust any man, they decide to ride her rough, showing her what life would be like without them.
Can she learn to trust them with not only her life, but her heart, too? Or will she lose her life first?


The youngest man motioned to the big guy, then to the gorgeous blond man. “That’s my brother, Bill, and my cousin, William.” He waved her unspoken question away. “Yeah, I know. What can I say? My family likes the name William, which is why we use Bill for my brother. And I’m Carter Richland.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” She took a seat and crossed her legs in a way she knew would draw attention to them. Her skirt barely covered the necessities, but wasn’t that the point?
“I heard about Cowboys for Hire from a friend of mine.” At least that much was true.
“But I want to apologize first for coming into your home. I wanted to find you, but when you weren’t home, I kind of let myself in.” She gave them a smile that showed her dimples. “I never knew anyone who didn’t lock their front door.”
“It’s a thing around here.” Bill’s blue eyes zeroed in on her. “We trust people not to walk in uninvited.”
She bowed her head and peered through her eyelashes. “Again, I’m sorry for that. It’s just that I’d walked so far, and I was so damn hungry and hot that I took advantage of the opportunity. I realize it’s no excuse, but I hope you’ll forgive me.”
William leaned back in his chair. “Don’t worry about it. We’d have let you in anyway. Providing you need help. Is that why you’re here?” He lurched forward, startling her a little. “Are you in trouble, Shawna?”
For a second, she forgot that she’d given them the fake name. Recovering, she favored him with a blast of her white-for-the-stage teeth and a flash of her dimples, then wiped them away and put on as pitiful a face as she could muster. “Please, I hope you can help me.”
Carter took the other chair. “Tell us what’s going on.”
“Does that mean you’re really them? The Cowboys for Hire? And that you really help women who need it?”
He checked with the others then nodded. “We’re part of that organization. Now tell us what’s going on.”
“It’s my boyfriend.” She uncrossed her legs, drawing their attention away from her hands so she could drive a fingernail into her palm. As her acting teacher had taught her, the pain helped bring up a tear. “He’s after me.”
The atmosphere in the room changed, going from the easy flow of before to one of concentrated concern. Bill edged closer. “Has he hurt you? Or threatened you? Tell us everything.”
She clasped her hands in her lap and acted as anxious as she could. “He’s very jealous and controlling. He only lets me go to work, and then I can’t talk to another man or he goes crazy. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I ran off.”
“Then what’s the problem? You got out of the situation.”
She shook her head, making her golden locks dance. “I did, but I don’t have anywhere to go. I don’t have any family, and I don’t want to stay with my friend and put her in danger. That’s when I heard about you guys and decided to use my last dollar to get here.”
“Get here from where?” Carter rose, went to the kitchen, and returned with a bottle of water, giving her time to sort out her answer.
“I’m from Dallas, and I took the bus to Tulsa. I knew you were in a small town close by, and I don’t know. I think Destiny’s name kind of lured me from there. I got lucky, I guess. From Tulsa, I hitched with a trucker until he let me off in Destiny. A couple of really nice ladies at the market told me how to get here, and I grabbed another ride out to the main road. Then I walked the rest of the way.”
“No wonder you needed a bath.” At her surprised look, William added, “I meant wanted. Not needed. You don’t stink or anything.”
“Smooth, cuz.” Bill chuckled. “So what do you want from us? Sounds to me like you made a clean getaway.”
She let a tear slide down her cheek and saw the alarmed reactions on their faces. “I don’t know that for sure. He’s not the type to let go that easy. I have this horrible feeling that he might follow me.” She went in for the kill. “If he does, I don’t know what he’ll do.”
She looked at each of them then, her eyes clouded over with moisture. “Do you think you could let me stay here? Just until I’m sure he’s not following me?”
If the plea in her eyes didn’t get them, then maybe appealing to their macho side would. “I know I’d be safe with you guys.”
Carter answered even as William nodded his agreement. “Yeah, you can stay. No problem.”
Bill, however, didn’t say anything. Instead, he gave her a suspicious look and remained silent.
He was going to be hard to convince, but she liked a challenge. Bolting out of her seat, she pulled first Carter then William into a hug. At last, Bill stood and she pulled him into her arms.
Don’t you worry, big guy. I’ll have you believing my story in no time.


Q: Do you work best on a deadline, or do you need freedom from time constraints?  
I hate deadlines! Funny thing is that I work well under pressure. That’s just the way I’ve always been. I’m one of those annoying people who always showed up early to parties, appointments, and never, ever missed turning in an assignment at school on time. When I don’t have a set deadline from my publisher, I give myself one. Is that just weird?
Q: Is there a word or phrase you catch yourself overusing?
I catch myself using the word “all” all the time. See? I just did it again. Oh, wait. I use “just” all the time, too. ARGH! I just did it all again!
Q: Are you a Swooper (write first, edit later,) a Basher (edit each sentence as you go,) or both?  
I think I’m a bit of both. I will write like crazy, but then I find myself backspacing a sentence to write it differently. Once the first draft is completed, then I let my internal editor go wild.
Q: What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written?
I’m working on a couple of different books right now. The first is part of a multi-author series that Siren Publishing will be releasing next year. All of the books are non-paranormal romances and the men are hot, hot, hot!
The other book is part of my very popular Werewolves of Forever, Texas series. This will be book 10. I’m very happy that readers like the stories about the small town filled with werewolves. As usual, book 10 will feature sexy cowboys and the woman who loves them.
Q: Do you have any rituals, habits, or superstitions about your writing?
I am the Backup Queen. Not only do I save my work on my hard drive, but I back it up to no less than three flash drives. I know. It’s over the top, but once you’ve lost your work once, you’ll do anything not to let it happen again!
Q: How do you feel about the term “Mommy Porn”?
I think it’s quite funny. I don’t get offended when someone says I write porn. That’s just their perception and I don’t agree with them. Personally, I think of my writing as “realistically sensual romances”.
Q: What is your least favorite part of the writing process?
I detest doing edits! If any author tells you anything different, then they’re lying. Okay, maybe they’re not, but I’ve never heard anyone say they loved doing edits, either. I think it’s more of a love-hate relationship. I hate seeing all the corrections, suggestions, and revisions that my editor asks for, but I know that in the end, it’ll make the book so much better.

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May 12, 2013

In the Spotlight - Aubrey Ross





When my parents realized I had an aptitude for storytelling--okay, even at an early age I was a consummate liar--they encouraged me to find constructive ways to put all that "creativity" to use. I wrote my first novel when I was in junior high school. It was a typical teenage girl's fantasy about being kidnapped by a rock star, finding out he was really a misunderstood millionaire's son, and living happily ever after with the reformed rebel. Erotic romance just seemed like an inevitable destination for someone with my naughty muse.

Now I spend my days, and many of my nights, trying to keep up with the characters springing to life within my mind. I find creative ways of avoiding errands and housework because I can't drag myself away from the dramas unfolding in my latest story. And every day I thank God I was able to quit my day job and actively pursue my dream!


Major Sasha Young has been stationed at Alpha Colony for the past three years, part of an elite military team assigned to maintain order and resolve conflicts between the shapeshifters. She has watched the hostile morphs, secretly fascinated by their predatory grace and animal magnetism. The colonies were established to protect defenseless humans from these genetic anomalies. So why does she feel like the morphs are the ones being victimized?

Grayson Evans, a rare white-tiger shifter, is frustrated and appalled by how little their human keepers understand the average “morph.” After an especially violent altercation between leopard and tiger shifters, he decides it’s time to educate them. He’s had his eye on Sasha ever since she arrived, and introducing the feisty beauty to the full potential of a felidae-morph is going to be his pleasure -- and hers!


Strong fingers closed around her upper arm, and she was yanked into a dense cluster of trees. A large hand covered her mouth, muffling her startled gasp. Even in the moonlight, Grayson’s pale blond hair was unmistakable. She exhaled, tilted her head, and stared up into his shimmering eyes. The night concealed their color, but she knew they were powder blue.

His head lowered, and he inhaled deeply as he urged her back against a tree. Holding her in place with the press of his body, he knocked her helmet to the ground and jerked her rifle out of its holder, tossing it a short distance away. Awareness arced between them, hot and electric.

“Eric’s right.” His breath caressed her lips, warm and inviting. “You shouldn’t be out here alone.”

“I’m not alone.” He’d never touched her before. Their gazes had locked countless times, each knowing what the other was thinking, imagining. Still, he’d always kept his distance, always remained professional. “We need to talk.”

“You might need to talk. I need… to be inside you.” Even through her protective suit his erection was obvious. He was naked and fully aroused. He needed to fuck, needed a release from the bloodlust humming through his system.

His fingers pushed into the hair at the base of her neck. His thumb stroked across her cheek as he stared into her eyes. A moment’s pause was all the warning she got before he pounced. Then his lips ravished hers with ruthless purpose and unquestionable skill. His tongue teased and soothed, easing his way deeper with such tender care that she didn’t realize she was being claimed until he thrust in and out of her mouth, an unmistakable parody of sex.

She had to stop him, unless she wanted to wrap her legs around his waist and take him deep into her body. Excitement tingled down her spine and gathered between her legs, a teasing foreshadowing of the pleasure to come.

“Will I be your first morph?” He used her braid to urge her head back, then nibbled his way from her chin to her earlobe.

“You say that as if it’s a foregone conclusion.” She panted, unable to steady her breathing or stop her hips from grinding against his hardened cock. “Maybe I don’t want to have sex with you.”
His free hand skimmed over her breast, his thumb effortlessly finding her nipple. “How often do you come with my image in your mind? I think of you so often it feels like we’ve been lovers for years.”

No matter how much she wanted him, sexual interaction with morphs was strictly prohibited. In fact it could be dangerous. The semen of some morphs was highly toxic to humans. “Grayson, this isn’t going to happen. Back off.”

She kept her hands fisted at her side, refusing to touch him. His sculpted body was a blur in the darkness. Thank God. If he looked half as good as he felt pressed against her, she might damn the consequences and play out her fantasies.

His lips returned to her mouth, hovering and teasing. “So we won’t fuck. Just touch me and let me touch you.”

He reached for the clasp at the top of her suit, and she caught his wrist with both hands. “I can’t. You know I can’t.”

Moving his hands to the tree above her head, he closed his eyes while his chest heaved. “I’m not sure I can talk myself down. I’m… crawling out of my skin.”

Of course he was. The fight had been interrupted. He was locked in the throes of bloodlust.
A wicked idea took root in her mind. Perhaps she could indulge herself just a little, while helping him out of his predicament. “Turn around.” His eyes opened. His gaze bored into hers for a long moment before he pushed off the tree and complied. She pressed her hands against his back, feeling his muscles flex beneath her palms. “I’ll touch you while you… relieve the pressure.”

His breath escaped in a ragged hiss as her hands began to stroke. She explored his wide shoulders and combed his long hair with her fingers. He shifted restlessly, his body swaying as her hands swept up and down his sides.

Desire flowed through her, hot and heavy, pulsing between her thighs. She had dreamed of touching him for so long, imagined all the ways they could pleasure each other. His skin was amazingly warm given the coolness of the night. She rubbed her breasts against his back, wishing she were naked too, wanting nothing between his flesh and hers.

She pushed her hands down the fronts of his thighs as his hips began a subtle rocking. He was touching himself as she’d suggested, driving himself toward release.

Her lips settled against his spine, her tongue slowly tasting. Salty, warm, wild, his taste was everything she’d imagined and more. She wanted to kiss her way around and kneel before him, learn how the rest of him tasted. But she couldn’t. It was far too dangerous.

With a throaty moan, he guided her hand to his cock, curving her fingers against his shaft. She muffled her gasp against his back, wanting to touch him more than anything, yet knowing this crossed the line from fantasy into reality. This was sexual, inexcusable, forbidden.

His hand covered hers, showing her how hard to grasp and how fast to pump, controlling her movements. Of its own volition, her other hand cupped his balls, needing no urging, accepting the inevitability of what they were doing.

“Let’s do this right,” he whispered, but his hips kept right on rocking as he helplessly fucked her fist. “I want you beneath me. I need to be inside you. This will never satisfy me for long.”

“Pretend.” She tightened her fingers as her hand slid up and down. “Close your eyes and imagine you’re inside me.”


Q: Is there a word or phrase you catch yourself overusing? 
I write erotic romance, so there are many: thrust, gasp, groan, and countless euphemisms for body parts. I try to keep each sex scene fresh and emotional, but there really are only so many ways to describe sex.

Q: Are you a Swooper (write first, edit later,) a Basher (edit each sentence as you go,) or both? 
I’m definitely a swooper. I leave editing to the second or third pass, especially when creativity is flowing. 

Q: What is the one thing you must have to be able to write? 
A computer. LOL I’m much too hyper for longhand or even a typewriter.

Q: What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written? 
A bunch of the titles in my backlist came up for renewal this year, so I decided to take a stab at self-publishing. It has been intimidating, exasperating and exciting. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m enjoying the process. The creative freedom and higher royalty rates are amazing. I’ve also enjoyed revisiting some of my older stories. Wow has my writing style changed in the past eight years.

Q: How do you feel about the term “Mommy Porn”? 
I find it annoying. My stories have complex plots and fully developed characters. I’m pretty sure no one would say the same about porn. 

Q: What is your least favorite part of the writing process? 
Finishing a book. Once I know everything that is going to happen, my muse tends to move on to my next project. I love writing, but the last few chapters of every book are work for me. 


May 6, 2013

New to Town - Camp Purgatory

In the spring of 2015, the night sky illuminated, foreshadowing the coming destruction of life as we know it. Widespread panic ensued as fire rained down from the heavens, annihilating entire cities in a matter of minutes.
Global genocide was only the beginning of the devastation.
The meteors that fell to earth brought with them an unknown bacteria that spread unchecked, infecting all survivors within a matter of days. Those afflicted began to exhibit unexplained changes in personality, further deteriorating the already crumbling social structure.

Some survivors showed signs of increased aggression, expressing a propensity toward dominance and experiencing temporary physical mutations, most often brought on by heightened emotional responses. In contrast, those immune to the physical effects of the outbreak began displaying passive characteristics, gradually losing all desire for independence and assertiveness in exchange for more submissive tendencies.
In the initial aftermath, unfamiliar urges and lack of impulse control among the infected led to the decline of basic human civility, throwing the world into total anarchy. In an attempt to prevent further chaos and correct the widespread lawlessness, a new hierarchy was established, placing the most powerful and influential at the head of the governing body. Formerly Fort Hood, the once grand military base was converted, establishing a new, protected community for survivors.
But safety comes at a cost. We had survived hell, only to fall into the constant state of limbo that saturates the remains of our new home. This is the city that never changes, never dies but never moves forward.
Welcome to Purgatory.

CONTEST: Join the Welcome to Purgatory Blog for your chance to win a Mini-Members Kit: Official Camp Purgatory T-Shirt - Tote bag - Swag - 6 Trader Cards

Meet the Men of Purgatory

Name: Cy Evans
Age: 28
Height: 5'8
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Classification: submissive

Food: PB&J Sandwich                                                               
Color: Purple                                                                               
Book: False Memory by Dean Koontz                                          
Movie: Practical Magic     

Cy grew up in the small mountain town of Parthenon, Arkansas. The oldest of three boys, he was often left in charge of his siblings while his mother worked two jobs to keep a roof over their heads. Despite the lack of socialization within his peer group, Cy graduated high school at the top of his class and received a scholarship to attend Arkansas State University.

Soft Limits: suspension, humiliation, forced orgasms
Hard Limits: breath play, medical play, needle play, knife play
Specialties: Oral Sex
Orientation: Seeking Male Dominant


Name: Raze Michaels
Age: 32
Height: 6'3
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Legion Captain
Classification: Dominant

Food: Meat
Color: Silver
Song: Highway to Hell
Movie: Demolition Man

Born the only child of a decorated General, Raze spent most of his life as a military brat, moving from base to base until he graduated from high school. As a result, he has lived in eight different countries and speaks four languages. Following in his father's footsteps, he enrolled in the Marine Corps after graduation and served two tours in Iraq.

Soft Limits: reverse role play
Hard Limits: breath play, medical play, needle play, humiliation, sex outside of relationship
Specialties: Temperature Play
Orientation: Seeking Male submissive or slave


Name: Thane Whitaker
Age: 24
Height: five-nine
Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: brown
Occupation: Blog/independent column writer
Classification: submissive

Food: Oranges
Color: Blue
Book: Rise to Rebellion by Jeff Shaara
Movie: P.S. I Love You

Thane was born in the heart of Dallas, Texas and grew up in a middle class subdivision with his Aunt and two cousins. His parents passed away in a car wreck when he was five but he never felt like he lacked a strong parental figure. He had a real passion for writing at an early age but couldn’t be bothered with other menial tasks like Algebra at school. He dropped out at 17 and started running his Aunt’s website for her wedding company before he managed to secure a job with an online magazine after submitting a sample piece. He’s been addicted to the job ever since.  

Soft Limits: fire play, orgasm withholding, public sex
Hard Limits: needle play, medical play
Specialties: Fellatio
Orientation: Seeking Male Dominant


Name: Damon Arbour
Age: 32
Height: six-two
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Occupation: contractor/carpenter
Classification: Dominant

Food: Philly Cheesesteak
Color: Red
Band: Disturbed
Movie: Avatar

Damon lived in the Big Easy but he was born in some little no-name town that he refuses to talk about. He came to New Orleans and attended the University of New Orleans, majoring in electrical engineering. He always had an infinity for physical labor though and after a brief stint as an engineer, he opened a contracting business with his best friend and took up carpentry.  

Soft Limits: humiliation
Hard Limits: multiple partners, blood play
Specialties: Single tail
Orientation: Seeking Male submissive



A small-town girl from southern Oklahoma—we are talking one red light that may or may not work depending on the day of the week—Siren-exclusive author Gabrielle Evans believes in taking chances and pushing boundaries.

Gabrielle’s best-selling series are driven by her belief that everyone has a happy ending waiting to happen, even if it’s found in a seemingly unconventional way. When she’s not busy writing her next anxiously awaited book, she’s living her own happily ever after, married to her high school sweetheart. For now, she parks her car in central Indiana, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.


Jana Downs lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with three cats, one dog, several dozen fish, and a very understanding partner-in-crime who hates to read but makes exceptions for her stories.

You can usually find her either watching bad reality TV, buying way too many books on Amazon, or dreaming up another man or two to occupy her time because life is good but several drop-dead gorgeous nonexistent men is just better.

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