May 20, 2013

In the Spotlight - Jane Jamison

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Jane Jamison has always liked “weird stuff” as her mother called it. From an early age she was fascinated with stories about werewolves, vampires, space, aliens, and whatever was hiding in her bedroom closet. (To this day, she still swears she can hear growls and moans whenever the lights are out.)
Born under the sign of Scorpio meant Jane was destined to be very sensual. Some would say she was (and remains) downright sexual. Then one day she put her two favorite things together on paper and found her life’s true ambition: to be an erotica paranormal romance author.
Jane spends at least six days a week locked in her office surrounded by the characters she loves. Every day a new character will knock on the door of her imagination. Her plans include taking care of her loving husband, traveling, and writing at least twelve books a year.

Men for Hire 2: Riding Her Rough

Sela Reynolds is a pop star. Her life is going great until her boyfriend cheats on her and steals her money, reinforcing her trust issues. Needing time to get away, she ends up playing Goldilocks to three sexy cowboys.
Bill, William, and Carter Richland work for Cowboys for Hire and run their own ranch. When they find a beautiful woman in their bathtub, they’re thrown for a loss, but know they’ve found the woman of their dreams.
Even knowing that Sela (aka Shawna) lied to them, giving them a fake name as well as a fictitious sob story, the men still want her as their woman. When she refuses, saying she can’t trust any man, they decide to ride her rough, showing her what life would be like without them.
Can she learn to trust them with not only her life, but her heart, too? Or will she lose her life first?


The youngest man motioned to the big guy, then to the gorgeous blond man. “That’s my brother, Bill, and my cousin, William.” He waved her unspoken question away. “Yeah, I know. What can I say? My family likes the name William, which is why we use Bill for my brother. And I’m Carter Richland.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” She took a seat and crossed her legs in a way she knew would draw attention to them. Her skirt barely covered the necessities, but wasn’t that the point?
“I heard about Cowboys for Hire from a friend of mine.” At least that much was true.
“But I want to apologize first for coming into your home. I wanted to find you, but when you weren’t home, I kind of let myself in.” She gave them a smile that showed her dimples. “I never knew anyone who didn’t lock their front door.”
“It’s a thing around here.” Bill’s blue eyes zeroed in on her. “We trust people not to walk in uninvited.”
She bowed her head and peered through her eyelashes. “Again, I’m sorry for that. It’s just that I’d walked so far, and I was so damn hungry and hot that I took advantage of the opportunity. I realize it’s no excuse, but I hope you’ll forgive me.”
William leaned back in his chair. “Don’t worry about it. We’d have let you in anyway. Providing you need help. Is that why you’re here?” He lurched forward, startling her a little. “Are you in trouble, Shawna?”
For a second, she forgot that she’d given them the fake name. Recovering, she favored him with a blast of her white-for-the-stage teeth and a flash of her dimples, then wiped them away and put on as pitiful a face as she could muster. “Please, I hope you can help me.”
Carter took the other chair. “Tell us what’s going on.”
“Does that mean you’re really them? The Cowboys for Hire? And that you really help women who need it?”
He checked with the others then nodded. “We’re part of that organization. Now tell us what’s going on.”
“It’s my boyfriend.” She uncrossed her legs, drawing their attention away from her hands so she could drive a fingernail into her palm. As her acting teacher had taught her, the pain helped bring up a tear. “He’s after me.”
The atmosphere in the room changed, going from the easy flow of before to one of concentrated concern. Bill edged closer. “Has he hurt you? Or threatened you? Tell us everything.”
She clasped her hands in her lap and acted as anxious as she could. “He’s very jealous and controlling. He only lets me go to work, and then I can’t talk to another man or he goes crazy. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I ran off.”
“Then what’s the problem? You got out of the situation.”
She shook her head, making her golden locks dance. “I did, but I don’t have anywhere to go. I don’t have any family, and I don’t want to stay with my friend and put her in danger. That’s when I heard about you guys and decided to use my last dollar to get here.”
“Get here from where?” Carter rose, went to the kitchen, and returned with a bottle of water, giving her time to sort out her answer.
“I’m from Dallas, and I took the bus to Tulsa. I knew you were in a small town close by, and I don’t know. I think Destiny’s name kind of lured me from there. I got lucky, I guess. From Tulsa, I hitched with a trucker until he let me off in Destiny. A couple of really nice ladies at the market told me how to get here, and I grabbed another ride out to the main road. Then I walked the rest of the way.”
“No wonder you needed a bath.” At her surprised look, William added, “I meant wanted. Not needed. You don’t stink or anything.”
“Smooth, cuz.” Bill chuckled. “So what do you want from us? Sounds to me like you made a clean getaway.”
She let a tear slide down her cheek and saw the alarmed reactions on their faces. “I don’t know that for sure. He’s not the type to let go that easy. I have this horrible feeling that he might follow me.” She went in for the kill. “If he does, I don’t know what he’ll do.”
She looked at each of them then, her eyes clouded over with moisture. “Do you think you could let me stay here? Just until I’m sure he’s not following me?”
If the plea in her eyes didn’t get them, then maybe appealing to their macho side would. “I know I’d be safe with you guys.”
Carter answered even as William nodded his agreement. “Yeah, you can stay. No problem.”
Bill, however, didn’t say anything. Instead, he gave her a suspicious look and remained silent.
He was going to be hard to convince, but she liked a challenge. Bolting out of her seat, she pulled first Carter then William into a hug. At last, Bill stood and she pulled him into her arms.
Don’t you worry, big guy. I’ll have you believing my story in no time.


Q: Do you work best on a deadline, or do you need freedom from time constraints?  
I hate deadlines! Funny thing is that I work well under pressure. That’s just the way I’ve always been. I’m one of those annoying people who always showed up early to parties, appointments, and never, ever missed turning in an assignment at school on time. When I don’t have a set deadline from my publisher, I give myself one. Is that just weird?
Q: Is there a word or phrase you catch yourself overusing?
I catch myself using the word “all” all the time. See? I just did it again. Oh, wait. I use “just” all the time, too. ARGH! I just did it all again!
Q: Are you a Swooper (write first, edit later,) a Basher (edit each sentence as you go,) or both?  
I think I’m a bit of both. I will write like crazy, but then I find myself backspacing a sentence to write it differently. Once the first draft is completed, then I let my internal editor go wild.
Q: What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written?
I’m working on a couple of different books right now. The first is part of a multi-author series that Siren Publishing will be releasing next year. All of the books are non-paranormal romances and the men are hot, hot, hot!
The other book is part of my very popular Werewolves of Forever, Texas series. This will be book 10. I’m very happy that readers like the stories about the small town filled with werewolves. As usual, book 10 will feature sexy cowboys and the woman who loves them.
Q: Do you have any rituals, habits, or superstitions about your writing?
I am the Backup Queen. Not only do I save my work on my hard drive, but I back it up to no less than three flash drives. I know. It’s over the top, but once you’ve lost your work once, you’ll do anything not to let it happen again!
Q: How do you feel about the term “Mommy Porn”?
I think it’s quite funny. I don’t get offended when someone says I write porn. That’s just their perception and I don’t agree with them. Personally, I think of my writing as “realistically sensual romances”.
Q: What is your least favorite part of the writing process?
I detest doing edits! If any author tells you anything different, then they’re lying. Okay, maybe they’re not, but I’ve never heard anyone say they loved doing edits, either. I think it’s more of a love-hate relationship. I hate seeing all the corrections, suggestions, and revisions that my editor asks for, but I know that in the end, it’ll make the book so much better.

CONTEST: Comment below and include your email address for a chance to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card from Jane! Contest ends Saturday, May 25th at Midnight.

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