Mar 17, 2014

In the Spotlight with Diane Leyne!

I’ve always loved to read and like so many people, I always wanted to write but just couldn’t get started until last Christmas when I decided that it was time to stop dreaming and start doing.  My first book was published in February 2013.

I also love photography and travel and have visited more than 20 countries.

Uncovering Satisfaction
Satisfaction Texas 3

Micah Durrance and his best friend Sheriff Dace Lowe need an experienced investigator to find out who is trying to drive Micah’s BDSM club out of business.   Nicola “Nick” Marlow isn’t what they are expecting and when she decides to go undercover as their sub, she becomes a target too.


Micah watched as the woman accepted a bottle of beer from Trace and then thanked him before walking towards him and Dace. As she got closer, he could see that her eyes were a vivid green. They seemed to glow against her pale skin and were set off by her dark hair. She smiled, and before he could stand up and say or do anything, she had grabbed an empty chair from a nearby table and turned it so the back almost touched the side of the table between him and Dace. Then she placed her helmet and bottle of beer on the table, unzipped her jacket, straddled the chair, and turned to face him.

Dammit. She was a Domme. He’d considered the possibility with her clothing and attitude, but that move just seemed to seal the deal. She had to be with that kind of a move, but damned if he could get that through to his cock, which was still trying to stand at attention in his pants.

With her jacket undone, he could see the swells of her breasts over the top of her low-cut white tank top, with a low-cut black bra clearly visible through the thin material.. If his cock hadn’t been rock hard before, it was trying to burst out of his jeans now.

How could he have ever thought she was a man when she walked in? She was wonderfully, gloriously female, and his dick was ready to explode. He swallowed hard. She yawned and he saw the tiredness in her face, and maybe a little sadness that he had a sudden urge to kiss away, but then all thought fled again as she stretched and the tank pulled tight over her full tits, which threatened to escape confinement. He knew he was staring, but he couldn’t seem to force his eyes back to her face. They were perfect, and he yearned to see them naked, maybe with their nipples clamped or maybe her entire breasts bound for his pleasure.

He took a deep breath and looked up. The stranger was clearly amused as she raised her bottle to her lips and took a healthy swallow. A drop of condensation ran down the bottle and then her neck, and Micah had an almost overwhelming urge to lean over and lick it from her skin. He glanced briefly over to Dace and saw he was similarly affected. Their eyes met and locked. Then Dace took a swallow of his beer just as the woman set down her own bottle, licked her lips, and sighed with satisfaction.

Suddenly, Dace started choking, but Micah was too stunned by the woman in front of him to move, and so it was the stranger who leaned over and slapped Dace hard on the back a couple of times before heading back to Trace and getting a bottle of water.

Why didn’t I think of that? he thought sourly as Dace winked at him while they waited for her return.

“Feeling better?” she asked solicitously then uncapped the bottle. Her voice was low and sexy and caused ripples up and down his spine. She handed the bottle to Dace and then rubbed his back some more. “Sip the water slowly,” she counseled as she continued rubbing his back soothingly. Lucky bastard.

“Yes, ma’am.”

He was definitely a bastard, thought Micah. Dace was a Dom, same as Micah. What was with that meek yes, ma’am? Thank you, that’s what he should have said. Even thank you, miss would have been okay, but yes, ma’am? Asshole. They might be best friends, but two could play at that game.

Micah half stood and held his hand out to the newcomer. “I’m Micah Durrance and I own the Whips and Spurs. If I can do anything for you, anything at all, please let me know.”

She put her hand in his, with an amused glance at a clearly annoyed Dace. “I’m Nicola.”

Her hand was small and smooth and soft, and he could feel the light pulse fluttering in her wrist as he stroked it with his thumb. It seemed to jump, and he hoped that he was having an effect on her, but then he saw Dace move.

“Dace Lowe.” Dace stood and held out his hand.

Micah glared at his friend for interrupting and reluctantly released her hand so she could shake Dace’s. “Sheriff Dace Lowe. Pleased to meet you, Nicola.”

“Howdy, Sheriff. I’ve never met a real sheriff before.” She put on a clearly fake Western accent, and it was sweet and charming. She looked at Dace appraisingly and then grinned. “Want to arrest me? I’m been a bad girl!” She pouted and held out her wrists as if waiting for a set of cuffs or restraints to be placed over them.

Micah had an overwhelming urge to drag her into the back into a private playroom and cuff her to a bench before he fucked her brains out. He had to consciously get his breathing under control to stop from hyperventilating at the thought.

“Bad girls do need to be punished,” Dace teased back. “Maybe I should take you back to the station and give you a thorough spanking before I lock you up.”
And then she turned and grinned at him, and his hard-on was back and the sun came out again. Damn. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman affected him like this. He took a sip of beer while he composed himself.

“So, Micah, do you want to spank me, too?”

It was Micah’s turn to choke, but Dace reacted faster than he had and it was his friend who smacked him on the back instead of the sexy Nicola. Micah glared at him.

“You okay, buddy?”

“I’m fine, Dace. Thanks ever so much,” said Micah dryly.

“Any time!” Dace grinned, and Micah gave him a look of annoyance as he grabbed the half-finished bottle of water and chugged some down.
“You both okay now?”

“Yeah, we’re fine.” Micah laughed. “So, what about you? I don’t remember ever seeing you around here before in the Whips and Spurs, not here in the bar or back in the private club.. Visiting, passing through, or maybe thinking of moving to Satisfaction permanently?”

Nicola smiled, her eyes crinkling with genuine good humor. “Actually, I’m here on business. I was told that you were the man to see, Micah.”


“Yes, is there somewhere private we can go? Maybe you have an office in the back where we can talk?”

He felt a surge of triumph flow through him. She was probably just a travelling salesperson looking to sell him something he didn’t need, but he didn’t care. He was going to be alone with her. He grinned at Dace in victory. “Of course. Sorry, buddy. Will you excuse us?”

Nicola pushed her chair back and stood. Micah saw Dace’s dejected expression and had a childish urge to stick out his tongue, but he suppressed it in front of Nicola She’d find out about their little quirks soon enough if she stuck around.

Behind the Scenes

Do you work best on a deadline, or do you need freedom from time constraints? 

I hate deadlines, but I need them.  I’d dawdle forever if I didn’t have a firm time limit.  I release a new book every 4 weeks and have to get my first draft in to my publisher 8 weeks before my release date.  It can be tough sometimes, but I love the challenge.

Is there a word or phrase you catch yourself overusing? 

Yes, but it changes from book to book.  For the longest time, it was “feel”.  Now I’ll fall in love with a word or a phrase and use it several times in one paragraph and then move on to the next one.  Thank goodness for editors!

Are you a Swooper (write first, edit later,) a Basher (edit each sentence as you go,) or both? 

I edit as I go along.   When I’m done, I’m done.  I hate to go back and reread. 

What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written? 

My current series, Satisfaction, Texas, is the first where I’ve tried to incorporate intrigue.  I did it for the first time in “Taken by Wolves” and really liked it.  It can be challenging putting jeopardy in every book or readers will think that Satisfaction is the most dangerous town in the country, LOL!

What types of scenes are your favorite to write? 

I like dialogue.  I like the challenge of basically having a conversation with myself using two different points of view.  The words have to reflect the characters I’ve created and the reader should be able to tell who is speaking even without the dialogue tags.

What do you feel are the most important aspects to a good romance?  

Characters people care about.  I do love a good anti-hero, but they must be redeemable.  I also try to make my heroines strong people.  Sure they love the idea of a good man or men in their lives, but they are complete people without them.  Love is just a great big bonus. 

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  1. Loved the excerpt! Looking forward to meeting the residents of Satisfaction.