Mar 25, 2013

In the Spotlight - Lexi DeHalo


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Lexi DeHalo lived in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina until she left for college to study Chemistry and Forensic Science. Despite her love for science, Lexi’s heart has always belonged to the arts. So, after moving to the big city, she decided to pursue her creativity by writing hot stories about hot men who love other hot men.


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Night Stragorri was born to hunt. As heir to the Stragorri bloodline, it’s his sole purpose to kill any paranormal that threatens human life. He is bound by blood to the Hunter code, but he desperately wants a way out. He didn’t imagine in a million years that one fateful visit to a shifter-infested nightclub would bring him face-to-face with the man who would change his destiny.

Akira Landers is a Were-panther with a painful history. Adopted into a pack of werewolves at an early age, he learned to fear Hunters above all others. Working at the pack-run nightclub, things are always eventful, but even he is surprised at the Hunter who enters their domain and more surprised by the attraction he feels for the other man.
Inexplicably drawn together, sparks ignite, but their pasts seek to divide them as they struggle to accept their love in a world where Hunters and Weres are mortal enemies.


Night held Akira up with obvious ease. He held him firmly until Akira could get his footing again. They were face-to-face for the second time tonight.
“Be careful. I wouldn’t want you getting hurt,” Night whispered before releasing his hold on him. Akira could feel himself hardening as the Hunter’s penetrating stare bore into his eyes. He needed a distraction and quick. Luckily Night provided one.
“I guess I just wanted to know what it was like to be something other than a Hunter…I’ve never really spoken with anyone other than those I’m hunting. I just wanted to understand more about your life.” The words were sincere. Akira could tell the Hunter was searching for some kind of understanding.
“Life’s rough, but I get by. The full moon runs are something my kind looks forward to. It’s the only time we can truly let loose and allow our animal form the freedom it yearns for since it’s become too dangerous to shift any other time of the month.” Thanks to the Hunters, he wanted to add but refrained. He didn’t want to insult the man even if it was truth.
“I hate hunting. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be free from this life.” Night’s admission was followed by a tension in his muscles. His eyes narrowed on something in the distant, and Akira could tell he meant the words he spoke.
“If you hate it so much, why do you do it?” Akira asked curiously. He moved closer to the Hunter.
“It’s what I’m trained to do. It’s what I am. I’ve never known any different, and anyone that’s tried to leave the Hunter way of life has either disappeared altogether or ended up at the wrong end of a blade. I thought if I left my family home and lived on my own, I would understand why it is I am a Hunter, but so far all I’ve seen is the cruelty and anguish we cause.”
The Hunter had a faraway look on his face as though he’d forgotten where he was and who he was with. Akira splashed him with some water, snapping him out of his reverie. Night raised an eyebrow at the Were.
“Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve never been anyone else,” Akira said with a laugh. The Hunter sure had strange values. “It doesn’t matter if I know who I am. Everyone else doesn’t. In fact, no one else cares. You at least get respect simply by existing. I’m constantly having to prove my worth.” Akira cupped the warm water in his hands and threw it on the bigger man once again. He sunk down until nothing but his nose and eyes were visible in the steaming water.
He considered tackling the other man as he abruptly stood to avoid Akira’s further attacks, but then Night turned just right and the candlelight caught the brand at his hip. The ring of Celtic knots surrounding the bold snake curved in the shape of an S was a symbol Akira knew all too well. The color drained from his face. Bloody memories brought horror to the surface of his consciousness.
No! Flash. His brother thrashed against the side of the building as a Stragorri held him by his throat, Akira pulling at the Hunter’s leg. “Please.”
Akira came back to himself in an instant, his breath coming out in hard, panting breaths. He paddled backward, splashing like a flailing duck as he powered away from his enemy. He fell and then came up, coughing and sputtering as he swallowed the warm, sulfuric water.
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck…” he whispered. He stared at the Hunter, his eyes seeing another of his line instead. He was caught in the flashback of his past.
Akira was vaguely aware of the Hunter’s grip on him as he struggled in the water. “Easy, Were.” Night’s soothing voice did little to calm the horrors flashing before him. “Akira! Talk to me!”
“Lemme go,” Akira whispered in a panic-stricken voice. “Please…” He sounded near tears. His animal rose to the surface as it often did when he was distressed. His fingertips turned into claws that cut into the Hunter’s chest as he pushed him away. The Hunter’s grip did not waver.
“Calm down, Akira. It’s me, Night. I’m not going to hurt you.”
“Stragorri” was all Akira could muster in reply. His senses sharpened almost painfully, and the Hunter’s intoxicating scent surrounded him, comforting him with every breath. His struggles became less severe until the man before him transformed from the horror in his memories back into the man he’d been attracted to only moments ago.
“N–night?” Akira asked, recognition finally entering his eyes. His claws retracted almost instantly from Night’s flesh. The horror slowly faded as he let the Hunter’s scent console him.
Night pulled him to his chest and wrapped his arms around him. “I’m here,” he whispered into Akira’s ear. “If you want me to be.” Those last words were all the reassurance Akira needed from the Hunter. It was his choice to be here tonight. It was his choice to be comforted by this Hunter, and at this moment he wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world so long as he never had to relive that horrible night. Night wasn’t the enemy. He’d never tried to hurt him. He’d only shown him kindness since their first meeting and now…now he needed to feel him. He needed to know that this attraction was real despite their differences. It wasn’t Night that had killed his brother, but it was Night who had brought an end to the flashback. Something not even his Packmates could do. There was something about this man that made his animal yearn to claim him.
Akira blinked, his soul numb as he came out of his post-traumatic moment. He looked up at Night with tear-filled eyes.
“Are you…Are you going to kiss me?” he whispered, licking his lips. His beast growled in answer. Yes. Kiss. Take. Mate. Oh fuck. Akira was instantly hard as the realization dawned on him. This Hunter was his mate.



If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would it be and why?
It would have to be Akira. He’s a hot mess and a lot of fun. Definitely a party worthy friend who knows how to get into some trouble! Not to mention an excellent dancer. He’d totally be my first choice for a night out on the town.
Are you plot or character driven? Please elaborate.
A little of both, although as of right now the plot has been determining the main sequence of events for the next two books in the series. The characters just happen to fall into place. I think for Mating Moon, though it was definitely driven by Night and Akira. It didn’t matter what plot details were going on in the background, all that mattered was their time together on paper. That’s what I liked most about that particular book.
What is the one thing you must have to be able to write?
Sleep. If I am sleep deprived you can forget it. My brain shuts off and my muse refuses to speak to me. It’s horrible because I would rather go without sleep and get my manuscript done!
What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
When I want to write and can’t either because I’m having to work on something else or my laptop is in the shop. The latter is the case right now and of course my muse is all ready to go with this next story. I have the sneaking suspicion that when I do get my computer back in the next few weeks, my muse will suddenly stop talking to me. Such is the life of a writer I guess!


Contest: Comment below for a chance to win an eBook copy of Mating Moon! Ends Saturday, March 30th at Midnight.



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