Mar 17, 2013

In the Spotlight - Jana Downs


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Jana Downs lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with three cats, one dog, several dozen fish, and a very understanding partner-in-crime who hates to read but makes exceptions for her stories.
You can usually find her either watching bad reality TV, buying way too many books on Amazon, or dreaming up another man or two to occupy her time because life is good but several drop-dead gorgeous nonexistent men is just better.




Vessel 8189, Payne, doesn’t want the man who the Facility has deemed his perfect match. A specially designed person whose DNA has been spliced with shifter DNA, his entire life has prepared him for his owner and mate. However, the man they’ve chosen isn’t the spoiled, arrogant jerk he anticipates.
Alecander Kane is the CEO of marketing for the Facility where Payne is housed. He never wanted to take a Vessel because he craved more of a partner than a slave. Unfortunately, his father has other plans. He has gifted Payne as a birthday present.
After they meet, a problem at the Facility sends them rushing back to the place Payne grew up to deal with the cleanup. Together, they will uncover all the secrets that have been festering for years and change the way Vessels are treated forever, all the while discovering that being born for pleasure doesn’t necessarily preclude falling in love.


“Alec, please, fuck me,” Payne pleaded. His head spun with lust and heady desire. “I need you. I need you in me.” He didn’t even know how to do it, but Payne knew he needed Alec filling him. He’d shoved his fingers in his ass when he’d masturbated before, but he knew it would be vastly different with the hard cock rubbing against him.
“My pretty little virgin Vessel.” He growled. “You like this, sweetheart?” Alec asked, licking those pink nipples and putting the hard edge of his teeth to tease the tip. He sounded possessive, and it turned Payne on.
“No. I need it. I need you.” Payne was on fire. His mind was spinning out of control as triggers that he hadn’t even realized were imprinted in him were tripped, turning him into a mass of desire and want. The desire to join, to have Alec come deep inside him, was paramount to his sanity. Perfect compatibility didn’t even begin to describe how much he wanted the man touching him.
The movie was forgotten as they tangled.
Alec gasped as Payne tore at his clothing and nipped at his throat. “Christ, you are on fire, lover. You’re so fucking hot.”
“Take me to bed, Alec,” Payne begged. “Fuck me.”
“With pleasure, sweetheart. You’re going to have to let me go first,” Alec said with a laugh as he tried to untangle himself from Payne’s embrace. He pushed himself to unsteady feet and offered Payne a hand up.
They stumbled up the stairs on the way to Alec’s room, rubbing against one another and stopping frequently to kiss and nip at each other’s lips. Finally they burst into the master suite. He barely registered the royal-blue comforter and dark-oak bed posts before he was pressed into the soft, cotton embrace.
Alec stripped him with one hand, pushing the silk boxers to his knees before finally pulling them off completely. Payne sat up on his elbows to watch Alec as he ripped at his own shirt and pants. The hiss of the zipper caused Payne to moan as Alec bared his sexy body to his gaze. Alec had been so damn careful on the way here, always so respectful and distant on the two-day trek from the Facility. Even their earlier tussle had been because Payne had caught him off guard. He licked his bottom lip and gripped the comforter to keep from running his hands down his body and taking himself in hand. He was starving for Alec’s touch.
“I love that look,” Alec rumbled. His eyes were darkened with desire. “I like that you’re scared but still hot for me.”
“You look like you want to eat me alive,” Payne murmured, surprised at the husky timbre of his own voice. “I like it.”
Alec groaned at his words before reaching over to his nightstand and retrieving small bottle of lubrication from the drawer. He squirted some on his hand and wrapped it around his weeping erection. Like before, seeing him pleasure himself with his hands made Payne hot. He squirmed as he waited for Alec to touch him.
“Oh,” Payne sighed as Alec let out a low moan of want, and his knuckles went white as he gripped harder on the covers. The sight of Alec stroking himself with the slick until his cock glistened was nearly his undoing. His body threatened to erupt without Alec ever touching him. Alec extended a knowing hand to Payne’s dick and applied pressure to the base of his cock to halt his impending orgasm.
“Wait,” Alec commanded. Payne made a noise of frustration and squirmed all the more. Didn’t Alec realize it was killing him not to plaster himself all over Alec’s rippling body? “Hush, sweetheart. I can’t concentrate when you do that. Let me get you ready to take me.”
Payne watched with interest as Alec spread his legs with his hands and trailed a hand down the cleft of his buttocks. He jumped as his cheeks were spread for Alec’s perusal. A skilled digit circled the tight rosette of his ass, eliciting another groan. His eyes clenched shut as nerve endings he didn’t even know he had fired, demanding they move the process along. A finger sank into his heat, fucking slowly inside as Payne arched into the motion. Another finger joined the first after a few pumps, the stretch becoming a pleasant burn.
“Like that?” Alec asked. Payne’s eyes popped open. Sweat dripped down Alec’s forehead and neck from the restraint he was showing, and Payne was grateful for it. He needed the intimacy of the moment. This was his first time, and he needed it to be something more than a meaningless fuck to be satisfied. “You doing all right, sweetheart?”
“Yeah,” Payne panted. “More. Give me more.” Mine. For the first time, the possessive deeper part of himself raised its head and had a voice. Mine. Mate. Any other time Payne would analyze why he was suddenly hearing voices, but he was too enamored with the man inflicting pleasure on him to worry about much except for getting off.
Alec squeezed out more lube onto his hand before putting it back on the nightstand. He circled Payne’s entrance with careful fingers and pressed another finger inside him. The burn became almost too much for a second, and Payne wondered if he could take it. He closed his eyes and concentrated on relaxing. Moments later he managed it, and Alec proceeded to finger-fuck him mercilessly as he bucked his hips in time with his thrusts. His insides all but writhed in pleasure as sensation speared him. He had needed this for so long, and he hadn’t even realized it. “I’m going to press inside you, Payne. I’ll go slow.”
Payne shook his head vehemently. “Not slow. God, not slow. Please, Alec.”


If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would it be and why?

If I could spend the day with any character it would have to be Allasandro from Ravyn Warriors. He is such a funny and fun loving guy and he has the ability to crack me up at the most inappropriate times. Plus watching him harass the other guys is always a treat.

How do you know you’ve written a good book?

I know I’ve written a good book when I type The End and I feel a pang of disappointment mixed with relief and trepidation. It means that I connected to the characters in a deep way and when people read it, they’ll see a little of my soul splashed across the page.

How do you keep your characters and stories organized?

I keep my characters in spreadsheets divided by series and notes on each written in different notebooks found lying around my house. Coupled with my fantastic whiteboard, my system keeps me pretty organized despite the fact that no outsider has a clue how to make sense of it all.

What is the one thing you must have to be able to write?

I must have my zebra print pillow and either music or trash tv playing in the background. Absolute silence bores me so I occupy myself with the background noise. It probably drives my downstairs neighbors nuts considering I work at night.



Comment below for a chance to win an eBook copy of Born to Please AND The Incubus Lesson!! Contest ends at Midnight on Sunday, March 24th


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