May 26, 2014

In the Spotlight with Milly Taiden!

Dangerous Protector
Federal Paranormal Unit 2

If you run from love, you're asking for a chase... 

James Brock lived the past ten years without the woman he loves. Using his job as head of the Federal Paranormal Unit to help others, he's done a good job of ignoring his lack of a personal life until she returns. His salvation. His first love. 

Cynthia Vega had a very good reason to leave the only man she loved after she'd accepted his marriage proposal. Now she's back as his boss. And he's not willing to ignore their chemistry or the past. 

Brock is determined to claim his mate and prove that their passion is even hotter than before. He wants her and her explanation behind their separation. Except, some secrets won't stay buried in the past. Brock will fight his demons to follow her lead, but Cynthia's reluctance to explain their lost love may be the one key to their destruction...


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Book Trailer – Check out this sexiness!

Bad Boys VS. Bad Guys: Why we love one and love to hate the other.

The difference between a bad boy and a bad guy is huge. A bad boy breaks the rules but is always after our hearts. Maybe not in the stereotypical fashion, but his ultimate goal is to win you over. Whether with hot sex or dirty talk, bad boys tend to know exactly how to get under our skin. They might not be the best at expressing their feelings, but once they feel you’re they’re one and only, they will show it in the most amazing ways.

A bad guy is generally a male that doesn’t have the redeeming qualities we see in a bad boy. Bad guys are just that. Bad. There’s no sexiness about them and even if there is, the negative attitude will overshadow that. Bad guys want to hurt while bad boys just want to live life by their own rules. A woman wouldn’t confuse her love for a bad guy and a bad boy. One can be dangerous to your life. The other can be dangerous to your heart.

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Hi! I'm Milly (AKA April Angel) I love to write sexy stories. They're usually either paranormal or contemporary with a large dose of heat. My paranormal stories can be anything from wolf-shifters (my favorites) to witches, demons and anything in between. I was born the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. Currently, I live in New York City with my hubby, the bossy kiddo and our little dog "Needy Speedy". Don't ask.

When I'm not working some really long hours at the day job, or hanging out in the awful life-sucking invention known as Facebook, messaging my bestie in the UK or shopping with my sis Julie, then I can be found watching scary movies. Buuut when I'm not doing that, I'm usually writing because the voices won't shut up.
I am addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate (but who isn't, right?) and Dunkin' Donuts coffee.
Come by and visit me! I love to meet new readers!


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