Feb 6, 2014

In the Spotlight with Edlyn Reynolds!

While she was born in the seventies Edlyn is ever grateful to have missed the fashion trends of that particular decade. But in the eighties she was definitely rocking the big hair and Madonna-esque looks. Thankfully, she says, the nineties and early two thousands let her find not only a more reasonable look but also a love of writing.

While she always loved English in school and had a passion for great literary works that others bemoaned having to read, writing was not her thing. Not for a good long while. As a mother of two she didn’t have a lot of time to read until her kids finally got old enough. Yet again her tastes changed, this time in what she was reading.

She discovered a love of romance, paranormal and otherwise. With time on her hands at her night job she took a chance and started to dabble, her word, at her very first story. It wasn’t very long but it gave her the jolt she needed to write her very first novel.

Finding a home with JK Publishing she’s getting her work out there to readers. In her very first series, Gods of Old, she explores the mythical beings of Olympus and just what they might be like in this day and age. Join her on her journey through this exciting new world and stay for the refreshments at the end. There will be cake.

Gods of Old 2

Hades is the God of the Underworld, he’s seen more souls come through his doors that were “innocent of all crimes” than any court on Earth ever could. He’s dark, brooding, temperamental and doesn’t care who knows it. He prefers they know that if they look at him the wrong way he will turn them into a smudge on the sidewalk. But that all changes when he walks into his hardcore goth club Hellsfire and spots, of all things, a bridal shower. Holy Mother of the Gods, the horror!

Willow Themis has always been reserved, subdued and does everything for everyone, especially the b*tches she very loosely calls friends. They use her, insult her and basically make her life a living hell. Whatever they want they get, whatever they say goes and god help anyone foolish enough to say no to them. Somehow she finds herself acting as maid of honor for one of her “friends” wedding, which includes the bachelorette party at, of all places, a goth club. The goth club if rumors are to be believed.

What was turning into a horrid night got a whole lot more interesting once he showed up. Now there was a tall, dark and handsome she wouldn’t mind stripping down and licking up. Even if it will only ever be in her fantasies. But fantasies may be all that get her through the wedding from Hell. Little does she realize right then, but she’s about to get a lot of help from tall, dark and very dangerously handsome.

Warning:  Sexually explicit content.  M/F


“I don’t believe you.  There is no way.  I can’t believe you’re actually trying to convince me he’s involved with a human,” disbelief coated every word.

“It's the truth, uncle.  I can even prove it to you, right now if you wish.  They’re currently at the spot where they first met. It happens to be their six month anniversary of the day they met, very romantic apparently.  You’ll see just how in love they are,” Apollo stood from his seat in Hades throne room.  He really didn't like the room, or anywhere else in his uncles’ realm for that matter.  He let an eyebrow pop up in a taunt, his uncle would of course fall for it.

“Fine,” the sneer he got told him he was likely pushing his luck a little.

Smoothing his features Apollo merely waited. Finally seven feet, four inches of lethal muscles unfolded from the chair.  Where he, Apollo, was light in all ways, his uncle was dark with deeply tanned skin that had a hint of copper.  His black eyes glittered with a hint of silver, blacker than black hair and all wrapped in black leather.  Tipping his head Apollo figured that his uncle could easily fit the role of a biker, though all others would look like wannabe's next to the God.  All those serial killer vibes couldn't be faked.

“Show me this miracle you claim has occurred,” another sneer crossed his face.  If only he could bottle that and use it when needed, Apollo would have even more females falling at his feet.

“They’re at his temple in Greece, the true temple,” Hades never allowed anyone to flash him around.  Even if they could get past all the shields the man used, they'd be long dead before they could lay a hand on him.  That’s why Apollo was giving his uncle directions, “See you there.”

Within a blink of an eye he was at the temple, outside and hidden from human view.  Hades appeared next to him a moment later, his one hand hidden from view until he'd surveyed the area.  He was not the trusting sort.

Tipping his head Apollo led him inside to the shadows.  Ares could see them if he truly looked but hopefully he'd be too engrossed with his human to bother.  Waving a hand he leaned back against the wall and just watched Hades observing the pair not a single emotion on his face.  The God could make even the best poker players flinch with that look.

Turning his head he watched Ares with Ava.  His little human, descended from the Gods priests and was able to see the Gods true faces.  She was a danger to them all, except she was under Ares protection.  She also would never do anything to hurt Ares.  They were in love.  What a concept for the God of War.  Yet, right there, before them, was the evidence.  Ares was in love with Ava, as she very clearly in love with him.


Hades could not believe his eyes, even with the evidence before him.  Ares was smiling gently at the human female and she was grinning up at him.  The looks on their faces supported Apollo's claims.  The God of War was in love.  He'd found his consort.

Signaling to his nephew he walked back out into the sunshine outside the temple.  “You spoke true Apollo. Ares has indeed found his consort.”

Behind the Scenes

Thinking back on your first book, is there anything you would have done differently?
I think that I would have given a bit more about Hades. Yummy.

Has your perspective on the writing process changed since you became published?
With time all things change, right? So to answer your question, yes I’ve changed a great deal since becoming published.

Do you work best on a deadline, or do you need freedom from time constraints?

Freedom is best for me honestly

Is there a word or phrase you catch yourself overusing?

The word “that” I find myself using that word a lot!

How do you know you’ve written a good book?

I’m always worried about if the book is good or not. As long as one person loves the book, to me it’s a good book.

How do you keep your characters and stories organized?

I use Google Drive a great deal. I use it to keep my characters, and what they are doing, organized.

Are you a Swooper (write first, edit later,) a Basher (edit each sentence as you go,) or both?

I am a total Swooper. I write first and look at edits, well – far later.

What is the one thing you must have to be able to write?

A happily ever after.

What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written?

Oh I always have something or another that I’m working on.

Do you have any rituals, habits, or superstitions about your writing?

I listen to music when writing. I have to have music on or I can’t seem to focus. That and a bottle of icy cold water on standby.

When and where can readers look forward to seeing you this year?

I will be in Las Vegas in March at a JK Publishing conference and in February I will be in San Antonio at Wild Wicked Weekend. J

Do you prefer to write 1st or 3rd Person POV? Why?

I write only in 3rd person POV, simply because that’s how I feel / hear the story in my mind.

Are you always in the driver’s seat? Or do your characters drag you along for the ride?

I haven’t been in the drivers seat in my stories for a long time. My characters drag my happy butt along for the ride.

What is your least favorite part of the writing process?


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  1. Just wanted to drop in and say I love your books and Hades was amazing! Look forward to reading more from you ! Please don't enter me I already have all your books just wanted to say hi!