Feb 16, 2014

Cupid's Time Release!

Cupid’s job is to help find true love for others, but it's a hard job to do when he’s in love with a man who barely acknowledges his existence.  Fighting his own desires, he is ready to give up all emotions just to avoid the pain of not having the respect of the one that holds his heart, let alone craving his love.
The Keepers can find their soul mates among each other, but Cupid is young compared to the one who is meant for him.  However, when violence strikes close to home for the Keepers, Cupid is needed to help in the healing process, but only if the soul mates acknowledge their love will the healing begin. 
Is Cupid in time or will time finally run out?  Leaving the one who brings couples together, alone and emotionless for all of eternity.


A deep, masculine chuckle echoed behind him and Cupid froze.
No, please, no.
“Such a satisfied grin.  Do you think they’ll be as satisfied by the end of the night?”
Cupid tampered down the shiver of lust that ran ramped through his body at the word.  Satisfied.  Why did that have to sound so damn sexy coming from his unexpected guest?
Bracing himself for the usual wave of lust and desire, Cooper slowly turned around to face the one man on the planet who was able to leave him breathless without even a touch.
“F-father time.  I’m s-surprised to see you here,” Cupid stuttered. 
The older man smirked, arching one fine eyebrow.  “How many times do I have to tell you, cherub?  It’s Thyme.  Father Time is just one of the many names I was given by humans.”
Cupid flushed.  Not that he would admit it, but Cupid loved the nickname Thyme had given him eons ago.
“So what are you doing here?”
“Just enjoying the view.”  The wicked grin sent his way turned Cupid inside out.
More handsome than any other man on the planet, Thyme looked dressed to kill that night.  As if the older Keeper needed any extra help in that department, he had worn the most sinful pair of black leather pant, firmly moulded to the man’s skin.  The top half was covered by a gray that appeared two sizes too small, which Cupid would have appreciated more had he not been desperately trying to hide his erection.
He cleared his throat, a little uncomfortable at how hot he was suddenly feeling. 
Who the hell turned off the air-con?
“I’ll let you get back to it then.”  Cupid went to make his way past the older man, but a hand on his arm stopped him. 
“You aren’t trying to avoid me, are you?”
He gulped.  “W-why would I do that?”
Thyme eyed him over.  “Then stay, have a drink with me?”
Did the man have to answer every question with another question?  It was damned annoying.
“I’d love to, but...ah…”  Cupid wracked his brain for something, anything to get him out of this awkward situation.  Though studying Thyme showed he was in no way affected like Cupid was.  Story of Cupid’s life.  Head over heels for a man who barely acknowledges that he exists.
“Hard at work?” Thyme offered him.
Licking his lips, Cupid flushed.  “Yep.  What can I say...Nick gives them what they want when they’re younger…”
“And you give them exactly what they want when they’re older?” Thyme smirked.
“Something like that.”
The Keeper of past, present, and future took a step forward, and Cupid couldn’t be sure, but he thought Thyme’s gaze dropped to below his waist.  When the older man chuckled, Cupid knew Thyme had seen the definite bulge behind his jeans.  Damn thing was too hard to hide...pun intended. 
Cupid’s eyes flicked back up to Thyme’s and he suddenly forgot how to breathe.  Soulful jade-green orbs, burning with an intensity Cupid had only ever seen in a few, and never directed toward him, stared back.  Dark, almost raven hair and the frame of a linebacker, Thyme was the very definition of tall, dark, and handsome.  You could even throw in arrogant and cocky as well.  There was something different about the man who haunted his dreams tonight though.  He took in the other man, body tense, almost like he was set to pounce.  Cupid couldn’t contain the shiver at the mere thought of Thyme doing just that.  But there was no way...right?
“And what is it you want?” Thyme abruptly asked.
Cupid blinked, his mind fuzzy and filled with lust.  “Huh?”
“What is it,” Thyme raised his hand, a single finger trailing down the front of Cupid’s shirt, “that you want most, cherub?”
He let out a shaky breath, biting down hard on his lip.
“Tell me.”  The words were a dare, Cupid could hear it.  “You can’t, can you?  You can make everyone else confront their true feelings, but you’re too young and afraid to deal with your own.  Or are you going to surprise me and finally grow a pair?”
Thyme stood so close, his hot breath washing over Cupid’s face.  Though he was still smarting from the young comment, for a second, Cupid thought Thyme might actually lean those few inches closer and kiss him.  Even a simple brush of the lips.  But nothing happened.  When Cupid refused to bite, still caught up in the fantasy of Thyme claiming him in anyway, the man pulled back chuckling.
“I didn’t think so.”

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