Feb 20, 2014

Cupid Inc Giveaway: The Angel Wears Prada by Cheryl Dragon

Cupid Inc: The Angel Wears Prada
M/M Light Paranormal Erotic Romance
By Cheryl Dragon

It’s hard to find a soul mate when you have no soul. Kaden may have to settle for a Valentine’s Day date instead. Born human and forced to go evil, he has turned his back on the demonic ways. Despite demons trying to lure him back, he wants to make up for what he’s done and find love. But who will believe in him?

Cupid Inc will do its best to find him a match!

A fallen angel who adores the finer things in the human world is also looking for a Valentine’s date. Lonal longed for romance and human sexuality so much that he fell to earth to experience love. He just can’t find it. Sex and lust are easy to enjoy, but he wants a soul mate. It’s a good thing Lonal has a few tricks up his wings!


“I think I found your date, Kaden.” The bartender nodded in Lonal’s direction.
He turned and saw a sexy, tall and very muscular man with brown hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in a dark gray suit. Lust churned inside of Lonal, but he sensed something more. His date was a demon?
“Kaden?” Lonal extended his hand.
“Yes, I’m Kaden, and you are?” He shook Lonal’s hand firmly.
“Lonal.” The sparks flew and Lonal wondered how bad of a boy he’d gotten.
“Want a drink?” the vampire asked Kaden.
“Sure. Just water with lime.” Kaden slid onto an elegant barstool next to Lonal. “So you don’t feel like a fairy or a pixie. You’re definitely not a witch.”
Lonal looked around. “There are a lot of humans here. Do you want to talk about this so openly?”
“Don’t worry. It’s a mixed place, but there’s a spell on the doors. Humans forget all the paranormal information when they leave. I’m a chef here. Some of the human staff knows and some get confused by the spell. As long as McKenna is our bartender, we’re totally safe.” Kaden sipped the water the vampire served.
Lonal cleared his throat. “Good to know. I’m actually a fallen angel. I work as an interior decorator.”
“I’d have thought fashion. Nice jacket.” Kaden nodded to the leather.
“Thanks. My budget isn’t big, but I have few nice pieces. Fashion changes too much to work in it. I like creating a homey feeling that fits the people who’ll live there. It lasts longer.” Lonal took a sip of coffee and tried to read the energy coming off his date. The man was attractive but not dangerous. Well, he had power. Kaden didn’t feel evil, but there was no soul, which left the angel uneasy. “You’re a chef here and a demon?”
“Ex-demon. I don’t do that anymore. I never really wanted to.” He looked at McKenna. “I knew that might be an issue so I wanted you to meet McKenna here. It’s important that you know I work with innocent humans, and they’re perfectly safe.”
Lonal had to admit that made him feel better except for the vampire. “Vampires aren’t quite the character reference I’m used to. I’ve never heard of an ex-demon.”
“I don’t drink from humans anymore. There is a large group of vampires in New York who are trying to change the image. There’s plenty of butcher blood to live on.” McKenna refilled Lonal’s coffee.
He nodded. “That I’ve heard of, and I admire the strength it must take to change.”
Kaden took a deep breath. “I chose not to do that demon work anymore. The other demons don’t like it, of course. I never thought I’d be matched with an angel.”
“Ditto on a demon. I’m not sure this has any potential. We’re pretty different on essentials.” Lonal was in too deep with the bad boy element. A one night stand might be fine, but Lonal picked up his red ticket and debated tearing it right then.
“He was born human,” McKenna whispered to the men.
Lonal sat back and pocketed the ticket. “You were? I’d like to hear that story. With a frozen banana daiquiri, please.”
McKenna nodded and headed off to make the drink.
“Sorry about her. She can be chilly and harsh, but I didn’t pick the place.” Kaden looked around and shrugged. “I was born in 1790 in England to parents in service for a British peer. I grew up there and liked men. That part was illegal. I became a groom for the large estate.”
“England?” Lonal was engrossed. This man had lived for centuries but wasn’t some cold vampire. “Please, go on.”
“I developed a relationship with the eldest son of the family, we were about the same age and he had no interest in ladies. He loved to ride.”
Lonal stifled a laugh. “You?”
Kaden actually smiled and Lonal swore he saw a bit of a blush. “And horses. We cared for each other deeply. But one of his brothers caught us and told his father. I thought I’d be turned out without a reference, but I was turned in to the authorities.”
“Oh God,” Lonal whispered.

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  1. My best V-day memory was when my boyfriend proposed to me outside of my place of work! Something I will never forget!