Jan 31, 2014

Ringing in the New Year with Vella Day!

I love to read, write, dream, and connect with people. A book with a happily ever after is a must, as is having characters I can relate to. My men are always wonderful, dynamic, smart, strong, and the best lovers in the world.

I am currently working on another new contemporary erotica romance in the Montana Promises series, which will be out in the first quarter of 2014.
I love hearing from readers, too!!

I also write as Melody Snow Monroe (www.melodymonroe.com)

Promises of Mercy
Montana Promises

Killing is wrong. The reason doesn’t matter.

When oncology nurse, Amber Delacroix, learns her reckless brother has been in a paralyzing motorcycle accident, sorrow fills her soul. He’s murdered a few days later, and now she’s utterly devastated. Adding to life’s cruelty, the cowboy cop assigned to her brother’s case brings her in for questioning.

Stone Benson, the paramedic who brought Amber’s brother into the hospital, stays by her side throughout the tragedy. He treats her with kindness and compassion—something she hasn’t experienced much in her life. Amber yearns for more than his comforting words, and they embark on a tremulous journey. Just when she feels that their relationship is at a turning point, he reveals that he likes to share his women with his good friend and roommate, Cade. That turns out to be a huge problem, because Cade is the cop who believes she’s guilty of killing her brother.

As chance would have it, another murder occurs when both Cade and Amber are in the same location. Realizing she’s not the mercy killer, Cade offers a heartfelt apology—one that includes dinner and a sharing of souls. When things heat up between them, she succumbs to his passionate ways. The big question that plagues her now is where does Stone fit in?

Stone knows exactly where Amber needs to be. Right between him and his best friend, Cade. He'll do whatever is necessary to convince her that she has finally met two men she can trust and build a life with.

Too bad the killer has other ideas. When he goes after Amber, what will the men need to do to save her in time to pursue a loving ménage relationship?

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This adult contemporary romance contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable (double penetration, ménage, violence). Not intended for those under the age of 18.

CAVEAT: But if you love medical erotica with a contemporary western setting, this book is for you.


Amber ran a spatula over the little bit of batter that was left in the bowl. “Want a taste?” She waved the dollop of chocolate at Stone.

With his gaze plastered on her, he moved close and slowly licked his side of the rubber scrapper. She did the same, and their noses almost touched. Her body ignited at the closeness.

Once the extra batter was gone, he leaned back. “I have something else you might like.” He retrieved the can of whipped cream from the fridge and carried it with him into the living room. “Come on.”

“What are you going to do with that?” She followed him.

“I don’t want to wait for the best part.” He raised a brow. “You didn’t think I was going to waste this on the brownies, did you?” He grinned and her heart smiled.

“Oh, surely not.” Whipped cream was good for a lot more than a dessert topping.

He took her hand and dragged her down to the sofa. Stone shook the can and uncapped the lid. “Open up.”

This was going to get messy, but she obeyed. He pressed down the nozzle and swirled cold cream on her tongue. It tickled. She laughed as she swallowed the sweetness. The aftertaste was divine.

“Turnabout’s fair play.” Without waiting for him to hand over the can, she took it. “Open up, please.” She squirted the whipped cream into his mouth, purposefully missing.

He made an exaggerated motion of swallowing all of it, but a bit of cream remained right above his top lip. “You missed some.” Before he had a chance to lick it away, she swiped the cream from his lips and slipped her finger into his mouth. His eyes sparkled as he clamped down on her finger and ran his tongue around and around. Shards of electric shocks splintered along her spine.

Holy shit, the man was potent. Before he turned her on too much, she lowered her hand. “All clean.” She had to say something.

He took the can back, and instead of aiming for her mouth, he squirted some over her right breast. “Whoops.”

“Stone!” The shirt was a cotton blend, and the cream would wash out, but what was she to do now?

“I’m sorry, baby. Let me help you.” He dragged a thumb across her nipple but that only made the smear bigger. “That didn’t work, did it?” He gave her an exaggerated frown. When his mouth latched onto her breast, she cupped the back of his head. She groaned. Damned bra. She could barely feel his tongue. 

He sat up. “I think I made it worse. I know. I’ll wash it for you. Off it goes.”

Without giving her a chance to agree or object, he lifted the shirt over her head. Good thing she already decided she wanted to make love with him.
His cheery tone disappeared. “Holy fuck, baby. You are hot.”

Now it was her turn to smile. “What were you expecting?”

“I don’t know. Not something this perfect.” He leaned back. “No wonder Cade lost all control around you.”

She tossed him a coy smile. “It’s not all about physical attraction, you know. I want a man to see me as a person, to want me for who I am.” Damn. She hadn’t meant to get all philosophical on him. She’d been trying to keep things light.

He winced. “I fucked this up, didn’t I? I haven’t stopped thinking about you, and now that I’m with you, I’m making a mess of things.”

“No. I was kidding. Though I admit I want a man to appreciate what’s inside here.” She tapped a finger over her heart.

“I do appreciate you.” Stone clasped her hands in his. “You are an incredible person. Remarkable, in fact. You’re strong, brave, kind, and good-hearted. You are the cream on top of a brownie sundae.”

Now that made her laugh. “Okay. You’re forgiven.”

Stone pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Nothing was tentative about the way he took her. She didn’t wait for him to ask permission and opened up, needing to explore him. Their tongues collided and danced, sending joy straight through her. He tasted of spicy tomato topped with sweet cream, and she couldn’t get enough of him.

He broke the kiss and sucked in a breath. “God, but I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

His kindness and considerate nature poured out of him. “Me, too.”

His thumb rubbed across her damp bra, and she wanted him to touch her heated skin. Just as she reached out to undo the buttons on his jeans, the damned timer sounded.

“Already?” They said in unison then laughed.

CODE WORD: Promise

Blog Post

I’ve set up five book signings so far this year, and I’m so excited to meet with readers. I love to know what they like and what they’re looking for in a good read. I’ll be visiting Orlando in Jan and June, Atlanta in March, New Orleans in May and possibly a bus tour to the northwest in August.

My New Year’s Resolutions:

(1) I’m dedicated to write the best book I can no matter how long it takes me. I plan to work hard to make believable, heroic, and lovable characters. There’s nothing better than falling in love over and over again.

(2) I want to make sure every book will be better than the last.  

Behind the Scenes

Ø What inspired you to write your first book?

My husband. I love romance and I love to read. I wanted to see if I could make magical characters worthy of love.

Ø Is there a message in your novel that you hope readers walk away with?

Hopefully, each novel has a different message. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times more blatant. Most of my themes are centered around the importance of listening. Only by trying to understand a person can you truly love them.

Ø What are your current projects?

I’m working on book 2 of Montana Promises, and then I want to explore the world of MF.

Ø Do you see writing as a career?

I can’t not write. Writing is my career—it is my life.

Ø Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

 I couldn’t stop reading romance books, and a large portion of my paycheck went to books. My husband suggested I try writing. Me? A person who loved math and who hated to write papers? Well, after attending RWA conferences and monthly meetings, I became a writer.

Ø How much research do you do?

I was very lucky to go on a camping trip with two medical doctors. It was so much fun to learn how they would kill a person. But it was perhaps the nurse I spend a weekend with who really opened my eyes to what goes on in a hospital. Sex in a chapel? Really?

Ø What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?

Getting the motivation of all the characters to mesh, and digging deep into who they are as people.

Ø Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

Totally. That and the blurb are the keys.

Flash Round

What is your most cherished possession?
My wedding ring.

How do you feel, generally, about the opposite sex?
Love the opposite sex, especially if they have hot bodies.

What is your worst habit?
 Pushing people who care about me away

How do you think your exes would describe you?
Too driven

What would you never do, no matter the price?
Eat a cockroach

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    1. Thank you, Pearls!! Yes, there is drama and angst!

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