Jan 5, 2014

Ringing in the New Year with Jane Jamison!

Jane Jamison has always liked “weird stuff” as her mother called it. From an early age she was fascinated with stories about werewolves, vampires, space, aliens, and whatever was hiding in her bedroom closet. (To this day, she still swears she can hear growls and moans whenever the lights are out.)
Being born under the sign of Scorpio meant Jane was destined to be very sensual. Some would say she was (and remains) downright sexual. Then one day she put her two favorite things together on paper and found her life’s true ambition: to be an erotic paranormal romance author.
Jane spends at least six days a week locked in her office surrounded by the characters she loves. Every day a new character will knock on the door of her imagination. Her plans include taking care of her loving husband, traveling, and writing at least twelve books a year.

Nashville Nights
Mountain Wolf Pack

Rae Barnes’s plans don’t include finding love. Instead, she’s breaking into the country business one song at a time. Once she wins Nashville’s New Talent contest and snags a recording contract, she’ll be set.
Werewolves, Wyatt Montgomery and Stone Garrett, are a duo both on- and offstage, ready to make it big like no werewolves ever have, as country music stars. But when the luscious Rae first strums on her guitar, she sings her way into their hearts.
Trying to save his sister, Wyatt borrows money from the local werewolf mob, but now he can’t pay it back. When the wolf mob finally demands repayment in either cash or his hide, Rae gives up her only memento from her beloved deceased grandmother. Will it be enough to save him? And if so, will she stay with Wyatt and Garrett once she sees them shift?


Raelee Barnes stood near the front door of The Dive and thought she’d walked into one of her fantasies. She’d seen a lot of handsome singers since arriving in Nashville, but the two men on stage made her realize that what she’d thought was handsome before was second rate. Even their singing was sexy. The tall, grinning one with short light-brown hair sang backup to his friend with dark hair and slightly stockier body. Stocky as in built like a Mack truck.

She rested her hands on top of her guitar case and let their music slide over her. They were good. Damn good.

Neither of the men had an ounce of flab anywhere. And unlike so many of the city boys around town that sported cowboy hats, faded jeans, and boots, she could tell that they didn’t give much thought to what they put on. Yet they still looked like they’d just walked out of an ad for any product using sex to sell it. Neither one had on a hat, but their jeans were the type that had molded to their bodies not by design, but by continued daily use. The dark-haired one had on a pair of running shoes he’d probably used for actual jogging while the other wore the kind of boots only a working man would have. There was no embellishment or color to make the light cocoa color of the hide stand out. They were what they were with no apologies needed.
Rae, as her friends called her, had picked up and left her small town of Greensboro, Indiana, ready to take the music world by storm. First, she’d tried her luck in Los Angeles, but had soon learned that her “countrified” voice stuck out—and not in a good way—with what producers out west were looking for.

She had songwriting talent, that much she knew, as well as a voice that many had described as a mix between Patsy Cline and Carrie Underwood. Yet, as confident as she was in her talent and her good looks, she’d been unprepared for the multitude of talented people trying to make it in Nashville. She was just one of many, and that, for her, was a feeling she’d never experienced.

She didn’t like it much, either.

She just had to keep reminding herself of what her grandmother had often said. “Honey, the cream always rises to the top.” She was banking on being that cream.

“Who are they?”

The waitress that had come up to grab more menus had stopped to listen, too. “Aren’t they great?”

“Yeah. They’re really good.” Damn. As if she needed more competition.
“And hot. They’ve got it all.”

Rae glanced at the starry-eyed girl. If she didn’t watch it, she’d crush the menus she had clutched to her chest. No doubt dreaming about holding one or both of the guys. She’d bet they had a ton of women lusting after them. “Do they always play together? Are they a professional duo?”

Granted, she wanted to know the answers to her questions, but there were more questions she’d rather ask, but were too personal. Like if they were single. Or straight. Or if she could yank both their jeans down and lick their balls.

“Not all the time. They do show up to do a set at least once a week. By popular demand on top of that.”

“What’s their names?”

The curvy blue-eyed blonde—figures—narrowed her eyes and checked her out. “Why do you ask?” Jealousy oozed out of her. “Is it professional curiosity? Or is it personal?”

Rae gave her a wouldn’t-you-like-to-know smile just to irritate her. “I’m a musician and they’re musicians. Haven’t you ever heard of networking?” She batted her eyes. “Besides, I’ll bet we have loads of things in common.”

Strike one.

The blonde pushed out her breasts. “Is that so?”

Rae couldn’t resist. She arched her back and thrust out her chest. What was this? Dueling boobs? “Yeah, that’s so. So are you going to tell me their names, or should I wait and ask them? In private.”

Blondie at least had enough brain cells to know when she was backed into a corner. She put on her best fake smile and stuck out her hand. “Sure. Why not? I’m Bitsy, by the way.”

Seriously? Bitsy? And she even tells people that’s her real name?

But Rae knew a truce when she saw one. “Hi. I’m Rae Barnes. It’s nice to meet you, Bitsy.”

She paused, thinking Bitsy would fill her in on the men’s names now that they’d become fake besties. Getting the names out of Bitsy of the Big Boobs was harder than extracting gold from a turnip. When Bitsy still didn’t give them up, she tried one last time. “And they are…?”

“Oh. The one on the right is Wyatt Montgomery. The other one’s name is Stone Garrett. But don’t bother.”


“Trying to get with them. They aren’t interested in anything but short-term flings.”

“Do I look like a fling kind of girl?” Come on. I dare you to say yes.

Bitsy’s brain cells, however, were still in working order. “Of course not. I’m just trying to save you the trouble.”

“Sure. Of course. I get it.” Nothing but a fling, huh?

If there was one thing Rae loved, it was a challenge. But two challenges? 

Even better. “I might just have to change all that.”

Bitsy snorted an unladylike sound. “Good luck with that, sister.”

“Thanks, sister.”


Blog Post

Oh! The Choices!
Have you ever stood in front of a row of the most delectable pastries, candies, and cakes you’ve ever seen and not known which to choose? Yes? Me, too! Except that instead of all those sweets, my choice is between which books to write first.
Hmm. I could write the next book (book 13!) in my very popular series, Werewolves of Forever, Texas. I love visiting the small town of Forever and finding yet another touching, sexy and humorous story to write. Like many of my readers, I just can’t get enough of werewolves. Especially when they’re also amazing, hotter-than-the-Texas-sun cowboys, too!
Or I could write about Men for Hire. If I choose to write the next book in that series, I can choose between Cowboys for Hire or Firemen for Hire. But how can I make a choice between hot cowboys and hot firemen? That’s a feat any woman would find daunting.
But wait! What about my newer series like Skinwalkers? Or Mountain Wolf Pack? I love both of them, but if I write the third book in the Mountain Wolf Pack series then I’ll probably need to take another trip to Nashville. Dang. Then again, I’ll do almost anything to bring my stories to life for the readers, including “researching” more of the hills around Nashville as well as checking out the night music scene. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find some inspiration from all those handsome Tennessee men.
Ah, 2014 is already shaping up to be a busy year. With a schedule of writing one book every three weeks, I think I’ll be able to get to all the books I want to write.
So, is that the answer? Instead of choosing which pastries or other goodie to eat, why not choose them all? Not at the same time, mind you. But one, by one, by yummy one. Just like how I’ll write my books. One right after the other!
Thanks, Dear Readers, for making 2013 a fabulous year. With your continued support, I’m looking forward to terrific 2014!
Jane Jamison

Behind the Scenes

Ø What inspired you to write your first book?
I’ve always written. As a child, I wrote poems for my teachers and parents. As a teenager, I kept writing poems, then added songs. As a college student, I wrote personalize poems on toilet paper rolls (and was paid for it, too!). After that, it just seemed a natural progression into writing a book.

Ø How did you come up with the title? 
My husband and I recently went to Nashville for one of his business trips. Since he was working during the day, our time together was after work hours and into the night. Trust me. We had a terrific time during our Nashville Nights.

Ø Is there a message in your novel that you hope readers walk away with? 
My books usually have the same message. That’s simply that when you’re lucky enough to fall in love, don’t worry about what kind of package (body) it comes in.

Ø What are your current projects?
Projects? I rarely have more than one book going at a time. I guess you could call it my own brand of tunnel vision. I couldn’t tell you what I’m working on right now. Why? Because by the time this interview is available, I’ll have already finished that book. I usually write a book in around three weeks.

Ø Do you see writing as a career?
 Of course! I’m lucky enough, however, that my career is also what I’d do even if I made no money at all from it.

Ø Why do you write?
Because I have to. If I didn’t, I think I’d go crazy from boredom. Besides, it sure beats a job where I’d have to commute!

Ø Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?
Absolutely! The cover is like the human body. When you see it, you get your first impression. Hopefully, the first impression will be a favorable one. However, I also believe you should never judge a book (or a person) by its cover (appearance). Delve into it and see if it doesn’t make you want to know more.

Flash Round

Q. What is your most cherished possession? 
A. There is nothing more precious than my family. If I didn’t have them, I’d have nothing.

Q. How do you feel about being the center of attention?
A. Okay, so I know I should say that I don’t care about being the center of attention, but that would be a lie. I love it!!!! As long as I’m the center of attention in a good way, lol.

Q. What makes you blush?
A. I haven’t blushed in years!

Q. How do you feel, generally, about the opposite sex?
A. Hmm, I think I like them. Especially when they’re naked.

Q. What is your worst habit?
A. Wow. There are waaay too many to choose from!

Q. What are you the most hopeless at?
A.  I can’t fix anything to save my life. Remember the aptitude tests they give you in high school? My persuasiveness was ranked at 90%. However, my mechanical skills? I ranked a pitiful 2.

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  1. Happy New Year!!!! Nashville Nights looks awesome, thanks for excerpt.

  2. I'm already LOVING this Blog Party!!! LOVE Jane's books and can't wait to read Nashville Nights! It's on my Kindle waiting for me to start it!

    Thanks for having such an awesome party!



  3. It great that you had writing as a child and into your adult life. Loved that your family is your most cherished possession. Thanks for the great post.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  4. Hi, y'all! I loved writing Nashville Nights. My sweet husband and I were there for business and had a great time. So great, that Nashville is now on the list of possible places we'd like to live. Of course, I had to write a series and put it there. Now I can visit again. You know. For research.

    Please watch for the 2nd book in the series, Capturing Carolina, on 2/17.


  5. I am loving this blog hop! I just keep adding new authors and new books to my reading list!! Thanks!!

    Lisa Phillips

  6. Hi Jane. First all I loved Nashville Nights such a great story oh who am I kidding I love them all . I am from Lexington, Ky and I have visited many parts of TN. Nashville being one of my favorites. I am amazed that you can usually write a book in 3 weeks wow that is great and they are all so well written and thought out! One of my favorite series is Werewolves of Forever Texas this was my first series that I read from your books and my first werewolf story, I was never really into any form of shifter story but you changed that for me! I do have a question will you be continuing The Men of Passion Colorado or Mountain Men of Montana Series?
    Thanks again for sharing your time with us and I enjoyed the interview. I hope you get all that you want accomplished thanks and happy writing!

  7. Hi, Lisa! Keep hopping! I hope you'll take a moment to look at my books at janejamison.com.

    Hi, Amy,

    First, thank you for reading my books. Even after writing for a few years now, I'm still surprised and so pleased when someone reads my books.

    I'm not sure about continuing the Passion, CO or the Mountain Men of Montana series yet.

    I do have plans to do a spin off for my Werewolves of Forever, Texas series. This time, I'll be focusing on the wearbears around Shatland (the town near Forever). But you know the werewolves will show up in the werebear stories! As long as readers like the series, I'll keep adding to the Werewolves of Forever, TX books.

    Thanks again!


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