Jan 28, 2014

Ringing in the New Year with Gabrielle Evans!

A small-town girl from southern Oklahoma—we are talking one red light that may or may not work depending on the day of the week—Siren-exclusive author Gabrielle Evans believes in taking chances and pushing boundaries.

Gabrielle’s best-selling series are driven by her belief that everyone has a happy ending waiting to happen, even if it’s found in a seemingly unconventional way. When she’s not busy writing her next anxiously awaited book, she’s living her own happily ever after, married to her high school sweetheart. For now, she parks her car in central Indiana, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Speakin’ of the Devil
Gods of Chaos 5

Always wanting what he can’t have and more than he does have, Benson Stone has lost sight of the important things in life. That all changes with one chance encounter, though, and he finds himself at the mercy of the Gods of Chaos. 

Walking into Club Maverick that Saturday night, Cody Mathis didn’t expected to find his inamorato, his mate, but the attraction between him and Benson is instant and undeniable. Once Cody realizes the gods are involved, he knows things aren’t likely to end well, but he can’t turn his back on his intended.

When Benson is forced to walk a mile in another man’s shoes—literally—he’ll have to decide exactly what he’s willing to let go in order to regain the life he’s lost. When that answer comes, though, will the price of a second chance be more than he’s willing to pay?


The scent of arousal hung heavy in the air, invading his senses and eliciting a low, rumbling growl from deep in his chest. His vision shifted, darkening at the edges and casting the little he could see into shades of black and gray. Though a chill hung on the night breeze, sweat beaded across his forehead and trickled down the back of his neck.

His muscles quivered, his dick throbbed, and his hands shook as he tore the condom wrapper open with his teeth while fighting to pop open the button on his jeans. Benson seemed to realize that Cody hovered on the brink, though, because he set to work, tearing open the button on his own jeans and squirming against the seat until he had the denim pushed down to his knees.

Thick and heavy, his cock rested against his lower abdomen, flexing rhythmically while the veins that snaked along the side pulsed with the rapid beat of his heart. A smear of pre-cum anointed the crown, and though Cody couldn’t see the translucent drop in the dim lighting, the scent drew another needy growl from him.

Producing a one-time use packet of lube from his pocket, Benson kicked his jeans off over his boots, letting them fall to the gravel-strewn pavement at Cody’s feet. The saliva that had pooled on his tongue just seconds before evaporated instantly, leaving Cody’s mouth desert dry as he drank in every inch of bare skin laid out before him.

Words became meaningless after that. Cody wasn’t stupid or naïve. He knew their coupling meant more to him than it did to his partner. He had gotten the explicit message that Benson viewed this as a one-shot kind of deal, and he wouldn’t be sticking around long enough to let the cum dry when they were finished.

He’d worry about all of that later when every thought he had didn’t revolve around sinking his cock into Benson’s ass and riding him until neither of them could move. Holding his palm out, he watched the clear gel spill into his waiting hand as Benson upended the small, blue envelope. When the last of the lube had been dispensed, Cody quickly coated the condom encasing his aching length. Mindful of their limited supplies, he gathered the excess and skimmed his fingers along Benson’s crease, slicking his entrance as he massaged the tight muscles.

“Relax, sugar.” It wasn’t going to be much fun for either of them if Benson didn’t release some of that tension.

More than willing to provide a distraction, Cody kept up the constant pressure against his lover’s fluttering hole as he leaned over him once again to claim his luscious lips. His diligence paid off seconds later when Benson arched up into him with a groan, and his clenched muscles finally relaxed, allowing Cody unrestricted access to his inner depths.

It was a test of willpower, but he managed to swallow back another growl and move with care as he inserted one finger into his intended’s silky channel. Slow and methodical, he sawed in and out, curling his digit to loosen and prepare his lover.

Soft, supple lips mapped the contours of his throat, and Cody almost sobbed with need when Benson’s warm breath bathed the shell of his ear just before the cowboy bit down hard on his lobe. Struggling to focus, he inserted a second finger, and then a third, pumping hard and fast as he grinded his teeth together in an attempt to stave off his orgasm.

His internal temperature rose until he could practically feel his blood boiling, but he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his inamorato. Gentleness wasn’t easy in his current state, though. When he finally slipped his fingers free of their sheath and lined up the head of his cock, surging into Benson’s tight ass until he was buried to the base, Cody almost came right there on the spot.

It took several seconds and a couple of deep breaths to calm his raging libido. The way Benson moaned and squirmed, writhing on Cody’s cock as he bowed his back and pushed against him certainly didn’t help matters, either.

“I won’t break,” Benson informed him through labored breaths. “I feel like I’m on fire. Just move. Please, Cody, just move.”

The pleading proved to be more than he could handle, snapping his self-control like a dry twig on a winter’s day. Grabbing Benson’s hips in a bruising hold, he unleashed every ounce of primal desire he harbored, jerking his mate down onto his cock with each forceful thrust. Grunting, growling, and groaning, he lost himself to the intense pleasure and the indescribable heat that surrounded his length.

His vision blurred and sharpened while it pulsed at the edges, and Cody could hear nothing beyond the sound of his own heart and the increasing volume of his lover’s cries. His canines elongated into inch-long fangs, bursting through his gums with such force it caused his rhythm to falter.

Steam rose up from his skin as his internal temperature reached blistering levels, and all the way, the Craving, the mating heat of his kind, urged him to take what he wanted. Instead of embedding his fangs into the fragrant skin of Benson’s neck, however, Cody bit down on his tongue and shook his head, trying to dispel the unwanted thoughts.

He was stronger than that. It wouldn’t be fair to claim Benson before he understood all the rules, and Cody’s new number one objective in life was to protect his inamorato at all costs—even if that meant protecting the man from himself.

 Curling his fingers around his engorged length, Benson jerked his cock, his hand flying along the shaft in a blur as his features contorted in a mixture of pleasure and pain. His inner walls constricted, gripping Cody like a heated glove and tilting his world on its axis.


Blog Post

I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t already been said. 2013 was rough, and I wrote all about it in a longwinded blog post in November. I don’t make resolutions, because I can never stick to them. By the end of January, I usually forgot what I’d promised myself I’d do anyway.

Hmm, so what do I have planned for 2014? It’s difficult to say right now, because I really don’t have a firm schedule. At some point, I will finish Raven’s story, but me and him are still kind of on the outs. *wink* There are a lot of other series waiting for me to write the next book in the lineup as well, including Sexually Awkward, Howl at the Moon, and Lawful Disorder. I’ve also been promising to write Fated Attraction, the spinoff to Fatefully Yours, for over a year now.

So, in a nutshell, those are my plans for the year. I don’t have anything set in stone, and of course, the game plan can always change. Hopefully, however, the plot bunnies will be hopping, and there will be lots of new stories for everyone!

Behind the Scenes

Ø What are your current projects?

I took time off for the Holidays, and haven’t really started anything new yet. With the huge snow storm that blew in, my kiddos were out of school for an extra week and life has been chaotic. Once things settle down a little, though, I do have a lot of catching up to do on series that have been waiting a very long time for the next book to come around in the queue.

Ø Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I think, like most, my interest in writing originated with a love of reading. My older brother gave me the most wonderful gift anyone can receive—love of the written word. He read to me every night until I was old enough to read myself. Then he suffered through endless hours of, “I wanna read you this book. Sit down!” I can’t thank him enough.

Ø Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

All of my lead characters in the Gods of Chaos series have some integral flaw—their sin, if you will. For Benson in Speakin’ of the Devil, his sin is Envy. He wants what others have, and worse, he desperately wants these people not to have it. The path to redemption is long and winding for him, and he’ll suffer before he finds his happiness, but I think that’s what makes him such a strong character.

Ø Why do you write?

Because I have to. It’s really that simple. I can’t imagine anything in the world I’d rather do.

Ø What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

It was really less of a choice and more a matter of being dragged kicking and screaming to it. The stars of Leap of Faith popped into my head, invaded my dreams, and occupied every waking moment until I finally threw my hands in the air and said, “Fine! I’ll do it!”

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  4. Your books are always a must buy for me!!!

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  5. Your books are always a must buy for me!!!

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