Jan 22, 2014

Ringing in the New Year with Beachwalk Press Authors!


Jess Buffett is a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be Shifters, Vampires, Cowboys, or the boy next door. Jess believes in soul mates, happily ever afters, and in love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third for the brain to catch up.


Hazel Gower is a mother of four terrors from between the ages of two and seven. She began writing down her story ideas in high school, and never really stopped. To her, writing is her salvation. After Hazel has gotten all the kids in bed and cleaned up, she sits at her computer, or sometimes a notebook with a pencil, and relaxes, writes, and escapes. 


Imogene has tried many varied roles in her working life including kindergarten assistant, teacher, principal, and kindergarten and child care director, but rates owning a bookstore and writing her own novels as the absolute highlight. She has a particular fondness for vampires, star ship captains, and things that go bump in the night (especially vampire types).

An Archangel’s Promise
Sons of the Seven 1
by Jess Buffett

Will the enemy be powerful enough to break an archangel’s promise?

"I missed you." The deep rumble of his voice made her weak in the knees and dampen between her legs. It was such a strong reaction it startled her out of her haze.
He had been gone so long.
Too long.
What the hell was she doing?
Wrenching herself out of his arms, Gabriella gazed up at him, at the boy who had left her broken and alone. The longer she stared into his eyes, the more furious she became with both him and herself. Why on earth was she kissing him? And how dare he show up like this, acting like he had all the right in the world to be there.
Raising her hand, she delivered a blow straight across his handsome face. Hunter had clearly not been expecting that reaction because he staggered back, his shock evident as his eyes widened and his hand covered the abused cheek.
"What was that for?"
"Really? You have no idea why I would want to slap you?" she seethed. "You disappeared, Hunter. You left when you swore you never would. I thought you were dead."
His face softened, which just served to irritate her more. "I know my leaving like that must have hurt, but surely you can give me a chance to explain."
Unbelievable. The bastard thought she actually had to give him a chance. She didn't owe him a damn thing.
"No, Hunter. I don't have to give you anything." Spinning on her heels, she headed for the doors leading to the stairway. Screw waiting for the lift. The sooner she got out of there the better.
"So that's it. You won't give me anything?" Hunter called out behind her.
Pausing at the doorway, she turned to see him still standing in the spot she had left him. She smiled sadly. "You know, if you had shown up a few years ago, I probably would have given you anything you asked for." Her face hardened, and she narrowed a glare on him. "But I was weaker then. I had to become tougher because the pain of losing you was too much to bare. So congratulations, Hunter, you made me a stronger person. You should be proud."

A Bar In Paris
by Imogene Nix

 Can one sexy weekend turn into a lifetime?

I watched the man stalk to the bar and order in perfect English-accented French. “Une bière, s’il vous plait.”
My toes curled at his voice and the waiter hurried to do his bidding. Mr. Sexy’s voice was cultured and deep. I like voices, particularly men’s voices. They can make me go gooey at the knees, and this one warmed my insides to the consistency of thick, warm honey. And I knew he was the one I wanted to be with all night long.
The server handed over a bottle of beer and a glass, but Mr. Sexy looked at the bottle, grimaced, and then took a long pull.
The other men at the bar started talking in low voices, putting aside newspapers. They paid their money and left.
I didn’t want to think it was because of the dangerous aura surrounding the man. It was, after all, three in the morning. No, there had to be something else. But I was sure it wasn’t the time to ask these questions.
The small bar was quiet now as I was waiting alone with the mystery man. The waiter disappeared to the back. Obviously, with only two patrons left, he could do other things. I sucked in my confidence, folded it around me like a coat, and approached the man.
“Hi. Mind if I join you?”
He grinned and gestured to the seat beside him. I slipped onto the small stool, perched uncertainly. Then I wiggled my bum a little, thrust out my chest, and gave him my very best come-on smile.
“Looking for a hook up, are you?” His voice caused a curl of heat to gather deep inside me.
I nodded slowly. Better to be honest from the start, I thought. I didn’t have time to say a word. The next thing I knew, he had me thrust against the bar, his lips on mine and his tongue halfway down my throat. But man, what a tongue it was.
He played me like a violin until he lifted his head, casting a wicked smile in my direction. “Your hotel or mine?”
“Umm, yours.” Right now, I felt the rosy glow of arousal roaring through me. Sexy and quick to catch on. Yep, I was sure this guy was a winner.

Kane’s Mate
by Hazel Gower

 Faith’s life has always balanced in two worlds—the normal human world and the supernatural. Now she has to choose between the two.

Kane got out of his car and froze as chocolate and vanilla assaulted his senses. He looked for the source, terrified because he knew who it would be. His gaze fell on an absolutely gorgeous, grown-up Faith, and his wolf stood at attention for the first time in more than four years. It growled in his head mate, take, mate.

Kane stared at Faith as she greeted his family. When she came to Jamie she jumped on him, kissing his cheek. Kane fought with his wolf as he waited patiently for Faith to acknowledge him. All she did was look at him with a blank expression and say "hi" then turn her head to kiss Jamie on the mouth.

Kane snapped. He growled and lunged for Jamie only to be held back by his brothers, Rane and Arden. "Mine," he snarled as he struggled to free himself.

He knew he wasn't being rational. Jamie was his brother and Faith's best friend, but it seemed his wolf, and deep down he admitted to himself, he didn't care. The kiss ended when Faith was called inside. She excused herself and left without even looking back.

Jamie turned to him, and his face paled and his eyes widened as the realization seemed to sink in. Jamie screamed, "No, no, no, you can't have her. She can't be your true mate."

Kane surged forward again, and this time he found himself free. He got up in Jamie's face, making sure his alpha wolf showed, and bellowed, "Mine. Don't touch her again. Next time I will kill you, brother or not."

Blog Post

For Aussies, the best part of a new year is Australia day on Jan 24th. Plenty of beach, fun and games. As the Aussie babes of Beachwalk Press our New Years resolution is to bring you newer, hotter titles for the year to come.

Behind the Scenes

Ø Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Jess: From my obsession with reading. Lol

Hazel: Always had a huge imagination. I even had an imagery friend when I was little. I got into writing in high school.

Imogene: I have to blame ARRA for pushing me to actually write.

Ø Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Jess: Well, in book 1 of Sons of the Seven, Hunter is the son of Gabriel, the Archangel. I think that’s pretty special. ;)

Hazel: Faith is a psychic who is loyal, caring, and eager to help her friends when they are in need.

Imogene: In A Bar In Paris my heroine Davina is just a normal girl. Facing 30 and lonely, so she takes a chance. And really, isn’t that what must of us want to do?

Ø Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?

Jess: I’d love for Henry Cavil to play Hunter from An Archangel’s Promise.

Hazel: Jennifer Lawrence for Faith in Kane’s mate would be a dream come true. Love her.

Imogene: Evan Rachel Wood (because she has such a retro look) and a blond Orlando Bloom please J

Ø How much research do you do?

Jess: It depends on the story. While I always make sure my facts are correct, the great thing about writing fantasy is the lack of rules.

Hazel: A lot. For The Lairds Future Bride I read and looked into everything I could for that century.

Imogene: I walked Paris via google, I found hotels and coffee shops, checked our flights and car companies – In other words… Lots!

Ø Have you written any other novels in collaboration with other writers?

Jess: I am writing a few at the moment. One with Hazel Gower, and two with Willow Brooke. I’m very excited about them.

Hazel: I’m currently writing a book with Jess. We’re hoping to have it done soon, but she’s taking her time. Lol

Imogene: No, my only collaboration has been an anthology

 Ø Why do you write?

Hazel: Because I would be insane otherwise. The voices in my head don't shut up.

Daily Contest: The Beachwalk Press Australia Day Event authors are giving away copies of An Archangel’s Promise, Kane’s Mate and A Bar in Paris to one lucky winner! Contest ends January 25th at Midnight.  Please leave a comment with a valid email address. 


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