Nov 1, 2013

Sanctuary, Montana Blog Tour: Jane Jamison


Six lucky women find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.

Tatum Baldwin has loved Josh and Will McLean since high school. But the feud between the Baldwins and the McLeans means they’re off limits. When the McLean men come back into town, Tatum’s ready to make the move and claim them as her own. But what if her family finds out?

Will and Josh McLean are tired of sneaking around to be with Tatum. Yet family and the feud make it hard to go public. Just as they’ve finally convinced Tatum to take the risk, an unexpected discovery throws their world and their families into turmoil.

Will they keep their secret? But secrets have a way of coming out, especially when they’re buried in treasure.

Matt grew up with the firm belief in love at first sight. When they meet a woman in town to do research on a book, Eric is tempted to believe it too. But, there are more secrets to Jocelyn Richards then he first believes and when the feud flares to life again she is caught in the middle.  Will the history behind a centuries old feud drive them apart before they can create a future?
Adult Excerpt
“Okay, that does it. I’m through watching.” Josh moved in front of her and took hold of the pink bow that dangled between her breasts. His cocky grin came back as he tugged on it. “Oops.”
The top of her corset fell open, exposing more of her breasts. Will slid his hand between her breasts and over to one side to find her tit. The sensation of the taut bud against his palm was better than he could’ve imagined. It felt so hard, yet so soft, a small bud of womanhood against his calloused skin.
Josh wasn’t through exploring her bows. “I wonder what will happen when I pull the other one.” He took hold of the bow on her panties and untied it. A flap on the front of her panties fell open to reveal the strip of dark hair that led the way to her pussy folds.
“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Josh fell to his knees in front of her. Taking her by the back of her legs, he tugged her forward. He groaned then put his face to her pussy.
Will thought she might have dropped to the floor if he hadn’t been holding on to her. He gripped her around the waist and then, once he was sure she was able to keep standing, he bent and took her nipple into his mouth. He lashed his tongue over and around it as she clutched a hunk of his hair and held on.
Her other breast, so firm, so perky, pushed against his shoulder as he lashed his tongue over her nipple time and again. He could hear Josh licking and sucking on her, giving her sweet torture with every stroke. When she straightened up in a quick jerk, he knew Josh must’ve put either his tongue or his fingers inside her pussy.
Her hold on him tightened to the point of pain, but he didn’t mind. Pain was a close cousin to pleasure, and he wanted her to experience that, too. He pulled away from her, gave her a quick kiss, and then yanked Josh’s hair to get his attention.
“What the hell, man?” Josh wiped her juices from his mouth with the back of his hand. “I wasn’t anywhere near done.”
“Neither am I. Get up.” Will waited until Josh stood. “I think it’s time we use the items Tatum brought.”
A gleam of excitement brightened her sex-clouded eyes. “Ooh, yes. I’d like that.”
Josh took her by the chin and made her look at him. “Okay, then, understand this. Will and I are the Doms here. We’re the ones in control. That’s the way we want to play this. That means you’re going to do everything we say. Got it?”
She nodded, already falling into the submissive role. She cast her gaze down.
“But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any control.” Will mimicked Josh by making her turn toward him. “If you want us to stop whatever we’re doing, just say so.”
“My cousin’s right. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to tell when no really means no or when you’re just playing along. So pick a safe word. Something you’d never say during sex. If you use that word, we’ll know that you really want us to stop.”
“A safe word?” She bit her lower lip in thought.
The simple gesture almost brought him to his knees. Had she always done that even back in high school? He doubted it. If she had, not even her family could’ve kept him away. “Yeah. So what’s the word, sugar?”
She considered for a moment longer before speaking. “Molasses.”
“Molasses it is.” Josh turned back to the basket to retrieve the flogger. “I’m thinking it’s time for our woman to get a spanking or two. What do you say, Will?”
“I think you know what you’re talking about.” Will stepped back and grabbed the handcuffs. He tilted his head to the side and waited for her to catch his meaning.
Tatum held out her arms and Will snapped them into place before thinking. “You do have the key for these, right? If not, we’ll have to go to another town to get them off.”
Her bright laughter warmed him in places no flame ever could. “That’s for sure. I can only imagine the uproar if we had to get someone from Sanctuary to help us. But don’t worry. The key’s in the basket.”
“Yeah, cuz. Don’t worry.” Josh flicked the flogger, testing it. “Now get out of the way. It’s time to teach our sweet Tater a lesson.”

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