Jun 9, 2013

Welcome Jana Downs!

Jana Downs

Jana Downs lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with three cats, one dog, several dozen fish, and a very understanding partner-in-crime who hates to read but makes exceptions for her stories.

You can usually find her either watching bad reality TV, buying way too many books on Amazon, or dreaming up another man or two to occupy her time because life is good but several drop-dead gorgeous nonexistent men is just better.

Ravyn’s Temptation  [Ravyn Warriors 6]

Adult Excerpt
“Want you,” Tony said in that gravel-filled way of his. Apparently anger and arousal produced the same sound in him.
“You, too,” Theron gasped. He was feeling alive for the first time in a long time, and he didn’t want to stop feeling this way for a second. “Fuck me.” He was surprised he managed to make the request. It sounded odd to his ears, guttural and somehow much more confident than he usually was when confronted with a person he was attracted to. It would take very little effort to be naked since they’d taken away his clothes.
Tony kissed down the side of his neck and continued to play with his body like it was an instrument for his pleasure alone. He wanted it. He massaged his cock through his underwear, and starbursts erupted behind his eyelids. Good. So good. Yes. Tony reared back and looked down on him, the serious expression he often wore on his face but something else as well. His eyes were on fire and drowning with lust.
“Fuck me,” Theron repeated, panting lightly. He pushed his underwear down his hips, freeing his dick from the confining material, but he couldn’t push them down much further with Tony between his legs.
“You want me to make you feel good, boy?”
Theron shuddered at the almost angry note in his voice.
“Answer me. Do you want me to make you feel good?”
“Yes,” Theron murmured. The sound of rending fabric filled the air as Tony took his underwear in his hands and ripped them right off. Tony threw the shreds aside before he slid down Theron’s taut body and took his prick into the back of his throat.
Theron screamed. He couldn’t help it. He’d never felt anything like it before. The warm, wet haven of his mouth was unreal. His hips moved of their own accord, pushing upward into Tony’s mouth as Tony sucked and licked his hard dick until Theron’s eyes crossed. He babbled without knowing what he was saying, begging Tony for something he couldn’t name. The Ravyn seemed pleased by the words though because he growled around his cock.
“Gonna… gonna—gods, Tony!” He came before he could get the warning out of his mouth, shooting his seed between Tony’s willing lips. The Ravyn didn’t miss a beat. He continued to suck him until his body went limp and he started to soften between Tony’s lips.
“Gods,” Theron whispered as he started coming down from the high of his orgasm. “That was amazing.”
“Good,” Tony said, smirking. Gone was the hesitancy and awkwardness of before. Whatever his flaws at courtship, Tony had no such qualms about sex apparently. “You ready for the next level?”
Theron swallowed as fear rose in the place of his mind-splitting arousal. It wasn’t that he was afraid of Tony hurting him. He was just afraid of the unknown. “I—” He cut himself off. He didn’t want to be selfish. Suddenly he became perfectly aware of his nakedness. A blush infused his face as the heat of embarrassment rose. He stared up at Tony’s shirtless torso and blushed harder. The man was thicker than his brothers, all heavy muscles with just the light sprinkling of hair on his chest and down his six-pack. The decidedly large bulge at the front of his black pants told him that every aspect of his body was to scale. He was gorgeous.
“You don’t have to,” Tony murmured, cupping his cheek. “You can make me feel just as good without the fucking.”
What a gentleman you are underneath all that warrior. “I want to make you feel good,” Theron said. He may have been afraid to let Tony fuck him, but he was more than ready to touch him anywhere the warrior wanted him to.
Tony popped the button on his pants and carefully lowered the zipper. His cock all but leapt out of its confinement, eager and darkened with its own unique flush. Theron’s mouth watered for a taste of the thick, long, cock with its pre-cum-decorated tip. Tony’s eyes darkened as he stared at his prick. “Want a taste, boy?”
“Yeah,” Theron said breathlessly. Tony reached down and stroked himself from base to tip, and Theron groaned. “Hell yes.”

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